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Evergreen Cemetery

Evergreen Cemetery is located high atop a hill on the west side of route 12 just North of Norwich. The cemetery spans a great deal of the hill which overlooks the valley below. The view is great, and you can see for miles around.

Mount Hope Cemetery

The Mount Hope Cemetery is located off route 12 just to the south of Norwich. The cemetery is pretty big, but lays on flat ground and isn't crammed with graves like a lot of cemeteries are. This openness gives it the weird quality of looking and feeling like a park.

Hinman Cemetery

The Hinman Cemetery is located on the East side of County Road 26 in Pitcher. The cemetery was originally named Chandlers Corners Cemetery by the people who founded it around 1800. Those people had a nearby church which they later moved. The cemetery is very small, but has a certain coolness to it. The earliest grave is from 1803.

George Elsworth, 1829

Elizabeth Elsworth, 1829

Jane Davis, 1827

John Chapel, 1822

Pharsalia Center Cemetery

The Pharsalia Center Cemetery a.k.a. Deer Pond Cemetery, is located in the backwoods over in Chenango County. Many of my (The Foodman's) relatives on my mother's side are buried there. These photos were taken by Packrat.