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70s Dolls


I wondered where I might begin on this little journey into the dolls of the 70's & I found myself remembering my childhood; oh my gosh. LOL

Here are 4 of my dolls from my childhood. Mia by Ideal 1971, Gumdrop by Effanbee off & on from 1962 to 1972, Cinnamon by Ideal 1972-1974 & ? by Lorrie made about 71 or 72.

The 1970's was the beginning of children asking their parents what does this doll do & it has been followed through to the 21 century. There were dolls that walked, talked, crawled, had scalps that turned from blonde to brunette, sang & even dolls that danced.

Of course 2 of the biggest names are Mattel & Ideal. We saw dolls like Barbie, Dancerina, The Sunshine Family, Crissy & her Family, Tuesday & Tiffany Taylor, Rub-a-dub-dolly, Harmony & the reissue of Shirley Temple just to name a few.

These are some of the harder to find Crissy Family by Ideal- Kerry 1971, Brandi 1972-1973, Tara 1976, Cricket 1971 & Dina 1972-1973

Velvet 1970-74 & was reissued in 82 Of course there were other companies in the running such as Deluxe Reading, (also known as Deluxe Topper or Topper)who made the Dawn dolls. There were 10 or so different dolls who were part a modeling agency. They wore the hippest clothes & were all of 7 inches. These were introduced in 69 but were produced well into the 70's.

Dawn 1969-mid 70's Kenner had it's share of dolls in the 70's, there was Blythe, made in 74, she had a string that you pull that changed her eye colors, she was 11 1/2 inches tall.

Kenner also produced dolls like Darci the Cover girl. Darci had 2 friends Erica & Dana. Darci came in 3 different hair colors. She carried her portfolio to her next modeling job & wore the latest fashions.

Blonde & Auburn Darci 1978

Kenner also made the large Star Wars Characters from 1974-1978.

The 70's also saw many celebraty dolls, such as Sonny & Cher, Charlie's Angels, The Six Million Dollar Man & the Bionic Woman, & many more from those great tv shows of the 70's Many of these celebraty dolls were made by Mego.

Barbie was still a main stay in the 70's as she was in the 60's & still is today. She took on a younger look in the 70's. With her mod clothes & sun tan. In '78 she got another face lift with what is called the Superstar face. Her arms were bent & she wore a ring on her hand & almost always had on ear rings.

Live Action Barbie 1971, Live Action P.J. 1971, & Malibu Barbie 1971

Madame Alexander was producing dols in the 70's but they were somewhat harder for the general public to get. You had to have a toy store or a better named department store to find them & the production seemed to be of a more limited supply. I must say they weren't a name I knew as a child living in a small town.

Lucinda 1969-1970

In 1976 Fisher Price began a production of a wonderful group of play dolls that were called the My Friends dolls. This group consisted of 5 dolls 4 girls & 1 boy. These dolls had vinyl head, arms & legs with a stuffed cloth body. The fabric used on most of these dolls had lovely rose buds all over it. They were Jenny, Mikey Becky Mandy & Nikki. Nikki being a cute black doll, I believe is pretty hard to find. Nikki & a new faced Mandy were produced later on I belive these 2 dolls were part of the last of the production in 1982.

Ideal also made many dolls such as the Flatsy dolls in 71. Tiffany Taylor from 74-76, Jody from 75-76 & many more. Mattel jumped in on the 70's scene with The Sunshine Family who were the back to nature kind of dolls who build their own craft store & came with Idea Books.

Four of Mattels Small Talk Story Book Dolls.

Left to right aree: Little Bo Peep, Cinderella, Snow White & Goldie Locks.

The books say these where made in 68 but I know I had mine in the 70's. Mine was Little Bo Peep & my sisters had Goldie Locks & Cinderella.

This is just a small portion of dolls from the 70's. I hope it has opened your eyes to the collectible dolls of the 70's I would like to thank wechill for loaning some of the pictures & Mom for loaning the storybooks. Thanks!!