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According to the book, Mary Hoyer and Her Dolls, "The distribution of dolls and kits in shops was discontinued after the first year in the doll business. Undressed dolls with instruction books and kits, with enough material or yarn to make the outfits, were sold to church organizations and insurance companies for charitable purposes. The rest of the sales were strictly mail order."

Some of the patterns have little stories with them - others are just listed by name. I have included all of the Mary Hoyer stories, and they will be written in italics. This program will show the outfits in the same order as they are found in the book, Mary Hoyer and Her Dolls. I have used pictures from the old pamphlets, old advertisements, and from her book next to the outfits which were made from the same pattern.


Mary Hoyer Doll Trunk

"This big roomy Wardrobe Trunk is made of solid wood (no cardboard) cloth covered, and all hardware, including handle, lock, and key is made of brass. Doll fits snuggly in the left side, and there is ample room for her clothes in the right compartment which is complete with hangar bar and drawer for accessories. Closed it measures 16" long, 7 1/4 wide, 6 3/4 deep."

The most interesting thing about this pic, shown in many different advertisements, is that the image has been flipped. I wonder if they did that because the copy writer didn't know his right from his left? hehehe... I flipped my pic, too.


Fur Cape and Head Band

My grandmother made the lovely gray satin dress in 1954 from an unknown pattern. The labeled Mary Hoyer Cape was purchased at a doll show in the late eighties. The picture of the original was the size of a quarter in the Mary Hoyer Book. Quite a challenge! My tagged cape has never closed like the one shown in the picture.


Ski Suit

This outfit was made from a kit available in the McCall's 1962 magazine. It is the only knitted outfit I have that isn't shown in the Mary Hoyer pattern pamphlets, but it is shown in the Mary Hoyer Book. I purchased the hat, sweater, skis and pole at an estate auction in the early 80's. I knitted the replacement ski pants. The doll modeling it is an unmarked 14 inch Mary Hoyer walker.



Julianna has decided on a little skiing at Sun Valley and is wearing this very smart Ski Suit and Cap to match. The vest carries out the Norwegian motif and adds a dash of color. The wrists and ankles are snug fitting and the cap is snug fitting so it won't blow off while she is doing a Christiana down the mountainside.
This three piece ski suit was my first knitting project back in 1981 after my mother gave me the original Mary Hoyer pattern pamphlets she had kept all these years. The 14 inch Mary Hoyer doll was a gift from Betsy about 15 years ago. She has the brightest orange hair I have ever seen!



.......and so out to the race track at Santa Anita, where our heroine dons this three piece suit Bonnet, Jacket, and Skirt. If you will notice the skirt has trimming of angora (or contrasting color) and the jacket has the smartest flared sleeves --- and, if you please, buttons down the front. Bonnet ties under the chin,.(Confidentially - right after the races) She went to the Brown Derby, was discovered, given a movie contract and is now making her first picture.

This outfit was purchased on ebay from lkmt who makes beautiful Mary Hoyer clothing.



Judy.... and her mother are about to attend a party in honor of some of the representative dolls of other nations. Just everyone will BE THERE, so Judy and her mother have decided they will look their very best in their lace frocks fashioned with a square neck relieved with a velvet ribbon. Color---Pink.

This is the dress Pam made for me. We didn't have a crocheted dress for Anna, so we used a vintage one. She was such a good model!



Mary Hoyer also called this pattern "The Majorette". This poor costume is is serious need of restoration. It was made back in the fifties, and I purchased it on ebay. It is missing buttons and some of the red stripes on the front bodice. The doll is a 14 inch composition R&B bride that was just itching to get out of her finery so she could play with the others. The boots and baton are old, but not original - I still have the box they came in.



Mary Hoyer also called this pattern "Red Cross Nurse". I have several of these darling nurse outfits. The cape is old, but I knitted the rest. It consists of a button up the front dress, panties, a little first aid kit with a red cross on the front, and a headband with a red cross for her nurse's cap. I added the string tie belt because my original one had it. The doll is a marked hard plastic Mary Hoyer with a mohair wig over the molded hair head.



Mary Hoyer also called this pattern "Miss Victory sends V Mail to her V Male". This early Hoyer pattern has always been a favorite of mine. It is a three piece outfit consisting of a one piece shirt and panties, a skirt and a cute little hat. This one is an old one, crocheted in cotton yarn, and has held up well throughout the years - no moth holes! The little 14 inch Toni walker is really tickled to have a chance to be a model.


Paula Bathing Emsemble

I got this outfit on ebay, and was I ever surprised when it arrived. I hadn't asked for measurements because I recognized the pattern. BUT, it was made for the 17 inch Mary Hoyer Gigi doll. I have never seen the pattern in this size, so I believe a clever mom enlarged it. The swim suit closes at both sides with ties that match the spaghetti string ties at the top. I love how the colors are reversed on the little sun cape. The doll is unmarked, but she is the same mold as the Gigi doll. One of these days, she will get to the beauty salon for a hair do.



This old skiing outfit is finely knitted with red wool and the bodice is that lovely angora yarn. It is an three piece outfit consisting of pants, sweater, and stocking cap. The skis were purchased on ebay, and they are just skis. The shoes are not attached. The 14 inch hard plastic Mary Hoyer is one of my newest dolls. She has a lovely mohair wig that has never been combed.