Magic Attic Fashion Show


The girls in the Magic Attic Club would like to welcome you to their fashion show. They have been working hard to get ready for this big event. So let's get started.

We'll start by introducing you to the girls in their original outfits. This is Megan, she wears her yellow denim skirt & vest with a long sleeved yellow tee shirt. Her white tennis shoes have yellow laces & she has a yellow head band in her hair. Can you tell her favorite color is yellow.

This is Rose, she is wearing her green plaid jumper with a white long sleeved tee shirt. She lost her green shoe laces so she had to get the next best thing yellow but her favorite color is green.

This is Heather, she is wearing a pink jumper with a pink & white long sleeved tee shirt. She has on white tennis hoes with pink laces & a matching pink & white head band. I bet you couldn't tell her favorite color is pink.

This is Alison She is lookin' comfy in her light blue denim jeans, jacket pink long sleeved tee shirt. Her tennis shoes have blue laces & she has a pink ribbon in her hair. Can you believe her favorite color is blue.

Rose is wearing a 3 tiered red flowered skirt & a blue peasant blouse. She wears a silver belt to top it off.

Megan is wearing a long sleeved yellow, blue & white striped hoodie with a pair of dark blue walking shorts She has brown hiking boots & yellow sock. She also has her red jacket with blue & white striped trim for when it gets chill as she climbs that mountain.

Heather is looking very studious in her black jumper that buttons down the front she wears a yellow long sleeved tee shirt under it. She has black tights on & red velvet shoes on. She must be on her way to the library.

Alison is wearing a chic day to night outfit. She wears a purple fleece jacket with faux leopard skin trim & a faux leopard skin leggings & black boots. For the evening she puts on a short Faux leopard skin short skirt & a pair of black tights. She also is wearing a black long sleeve body suit which you can't see.

Megan is ready for the horse show with her tan jodhpurs, red & black tailored jacket & her white turtle neck blouse. She also has a her black riding cap & velvet boots. She also carries her her riding crop.

> Heather is hip in her black with silver glittery tee strapped top & short black velvet skirt with a slit on the side & a little diamond to accent. She has on black sandals. She is ready for that great school dance.

Rose is wearing a cute light blue knit short sleeveless dress with a matching cardigan sweater. it buttons up the front & has a butterfly on each side. She wears a pair of black sandals.

Megan is ready for a party in her blue velour dress with white peter pan collar & cuffs. She wears white tights & white patent leather slip ons.

Alison is wearing her blue velvet party dress with black trim. It buttons up the front. she has a matching tam. She also wears black tights & black velvet Mary Janes.

Megan is ready for a day of fun at the park. She is wearing a pair of white shortalls & a blue & white sleeveless top. She also is wearing a pair of great brown leather sandals. Park here I come!

Heather is going to meet Megan in the park in her red floral top & blue bike shorts. She has a pair of red sandals & the scrunchie in her hair matches her top.

Alison is going to church in her blue coat with hounds tooth trim. The dress she is wearing is a blue & white gingham taffeta with a red rose at the neck. He hat matches her coat. She has on black tights & black Mary Janes.

Rose wears a pair of dark blue denim jeans & a matching jacket. She also has on a pink & white top that says Barbie & all the things she needs to look beautiful ( Barbie that is). She has on a pair of black & faux leopard skin tennis shoes & a pink ribbon in her hair.

Alison is going out for a stroll in her red duffle coat. The coat has red white & black trim. When she gets to where she is going she takes off her coat to show us she is wearing a dark blue blouse with red floral collar & cuffs. She has on a pair of red corduroy pants & those great brown leather hiking boots.

Megan is ready for rain is this pink floral nylon rain coat & matching hat. She can even go puddle jumping in her pink & torquose fur lined snow boots.

Rose is warm in her spotted coat with a hood & 3 buttons down the front.

Heather is ready for the snow if it ever gets here. She is wearing a light blue turtle neck top black ski pants & a faux sheep skin trimmed vest. Oh but she loves those muck lucks that keep her feet sooooooo warm.

Megan is practicing to be a nurse in this white button up the front long sleeved dress. She has a nurse's cap with a red cross in the front. She also wears white tight & tennis shoes.

Alison wears her white with yellow rose buds flannel pj's that will surely keep her warm on those cold winter nights.

Rose is getting ready to for a night of slumber in her light blue robe with eyelet trim. Oops she forgot to show you her cute little jammies. She also has her cute little bunny slippers.

We would like to thank you for come to our show & hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did making it.