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MA Little Women 2




Another shelf of BKW's: 1960 Amy, Beth, Jo, Meg, 1965 Jo, 1957 Meg, 1962-4 Marme and 1963-4 Meg.

Here is a line-up of nude dolls: 1955 Amy straight leg walker (SLW), 1958 Beth bent knee walker (BKW), 1966 Jo bent knee non-walker (BK), 1972 Meg bent knee non-walker (the last year for bent knees, and her lip coloring is more orange than Jo's), Alex mold Laurie (straight leg dolls still marked Alex on the back have bigger eye openings, with the white showing under the iris), and lastly, an Alexander mold doll.

Note how different the legs are from Laurie's. She's a little knock kneed, and it's hard to make her stand without showing the hollow inside her leg. This doll is the later mold from 1987 and after without the "moustache" mouth.

Pretty much the same costumes were used in 1961-2 and in 1963-4. The above set is from 1961. Marme changed in 1962 to a burgundy dress with a white eyelet apron and white mop cap. The 1963-4 set differed in that Amy wore a dotted blue dress, Beth's dress was solid pink, Jo had a blue print jumper with red apron, and Meg's pinafore has no lace trim on the straps and her dress has narrower stripes.

Bent knee walker Beth's in pink and blue gingham checks from 1961-2. Amy came in blue and pink too.

In 1965 the new dresses that stayed pretty much the same through 1986 were introduced. All except Jo who changed two more times before stabilizing at the red dress with white eyelet pinafore,

(BK 1968-71 and 1966-67) and Meg, who wore pink gingham checks in 1965 and lavender thereafter. The dolls changed however, to the straight leg Alex in 1973, and then to the Alexander mold (and moustache mouth) in 1977.

Then in 1987 a new face mold and new costumes, still the same hairdo's: Amy blonde with bangs, Beth, brunette with hair pulled back from the forehead, Jo, brunette with bangs, Meg, dark blonde (tosca) with bangs, and Marme again with hair pulled back from the forehead, but to the sides.

Laurie was first available in the 8" in 1966 (bent knee). From 1973-1976 in the Alex mold (straight legs), and thereafter in the Alexander mold. Laurie on the left is the Alex mold, and the one on the right, a bent knee. Both are tagged Laurie Little Men. One has gold buttons, the other are pewter colored. Later dolls have striped pants. Starting in 1987 the pants are tan checks.

In 1991-2 new costumes and new hairdo's. Amy has her hair in sausage curls in the catalog photos, but only the earliest Amy's were made this way. The later dolls have buns. Beth has long straight brown hair and bangs as does Jo. Marme has the typical brunette flip found on many Wendy-kins, and Meg has an elaborate hairdo with curls on the sides of her head.