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David M. Rushton's World

Hey! Just Me! U.C. Berkeley. Class of '95 B.A. Rhetoric

What a wedding! (Jenn and Me May 29, 1999)Definitely a day I'll never forget. By the way, I would have won the cake fight, but when I went for a kiss I got just a bit more than a little sugar.

We have a son! Clark David Rushton. He was born 7/11/02. He's happy and healthy. He's 4 months old in this picture and here weighs in at 19 lbs. and 29 inches long! More Pictures of Clark!

Me and My Brothers(Grant, David, Paul). We are all close in age and interests, though Paul is the avid fishermen and Grant loves horse riding. I also have a sister named Jacquie. She and her family just moved to Texas. Jacquie and Grant are almost neighbors!

Well, these are just a few pictures of me and some of my family to get you started. I hope to briefly outline my life not only with pictures but also an autobiography. My next page will describe my life with spina bifida. I hope it helps everyone know life is what you make of it!

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