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Just say NO to elevators...

wpe3.jpg (8808 bytes)To the right is just a sample of a small little project we have been working on...  This little sticker finds its way on to all the elevator button panels around town, inside or out, right side up or upside down - just a friendly reminder to the world that being environmentally conscious isn't just for Earth Day!


Annoyingly enough though, they sometimes get bored of sitting there and fall off (at least I assume this is what is happening.   I ask you,  who could possibly not believe in their simple message?) which means you will probably want to have a lot on hand just in case - you wouldn't want your building to be the only one in town without 'em... that would just be embarrassing.


So how do you get your hands on these little buggers?  Well, you can make em yourself and get them printed up on stickers (waterproof look sharper) or you could contact us at (for the time being) and we can sell you a couple of sheets at cost.  Maybe if we get around to it we will put some kind of an order form on-line that you can mail off...   depends on how busy things get.


contents last updated: 01/04/00