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Basketballs and Bones

Your One-Stop Shop To B-Rok & Bonedaddy Goodness!

Hey everyone! This page is totally dedicated to 2 of the hottest BSB's:BRIAN & AJ! Brian is my favorite and AJ belong to "Bonez". So we're gonna build this place up & up & up to be the bestest everywhere. Since we're just now gettin our feet wet, it will take some time but i know you all will keep coming back to see how much of a wonderful job we're doing here. Don't forget to sign the guestbook before you leave.

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AJ's Biography-who's that fine guy they call Bone?

Brian's Biography-there's more to him than just basketball and pet chiuahuas?



Brian(B-ROK)Picture Gallery

Fan Fiction

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B.B. And Bonez's Favorite Links!

~*Adoptions & Netguards*~

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B.B. And Bonez's Quiz`

Who do you think will go solo first?


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