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Zarko's Collection

Here is Zarko's Collection. As you can see Zarko has some nice hats. Zarko lives in Slovenia and has put together quite a collection in this former Soviet block country. Here are just a few of the items Zarko has. He also has 2 Siebe Gorman hand pumps that he has promised to show us when he gets them cleaned up. Zarko can be reached through the Antique Diving Mailing List. Zarko is a little embarrassed about his English though it is very good and probably better than your Slovenian.

Here Is Zarko's Siebe Gorman 3 light, 12-bolt helmet. this helmet is in excellent condition as you can see with most of the tin remaining. This is a Siebe Gorman Russian contract helmet which was probably produced after 1979. Notice the unusual chrome plated name plate attached to the front of the Breast Plate.
Here is a side view of the Russian contract Siebe Gorman. this helmet is one of the last diving helmets that Siebe Gorman manufactured. The Russian contract helmets were evidently given there own serial number range, the serial number on this one is 005X.  
Here is a rear view of the Russian contract helmet. notice the air exhaust is different from earlier Siebe Gorman helmets as it has no riser tube attached and does not appear to be adjustable.
Here we have Zarko's 3-light 12-bolt Galeazzi manufactured in Italy. I am unsure about the date of manufacture, but would assume from the 40s or 50s. this is also a very nice helmet.
And, a little more modern helmet Zarko's Dive Dynamics AH-3 2-light 12-bolt fiberglass free-flow air-hat this one is in bristol condition.
A very neat accessory Zarko's Siebe Gorman Lantern. Constructed of brass and copper with a bakelite handle. We don't know the age of this one yet.

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