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Kees' Collection

Kees is a police officer from the Netherlands. He is currently assigned to the mounted patrol division. Kees has been scuba diving for over 20 years and hard hat diving for almost 10 years. Kees main interest in antique diving equipment is from a diver's standpoint and all of his collection is being dove regularly. Kees can be contacted through the Antique Diving mailing list.

The photo above is of Kees' 6-bolt Siebe Gorman diving rig. The hat was manufactured in 1942, is ex Royal Navy and is in near bristol condition. The hat is setting on a very nice Siebe Gorman Hand pump. Notice the like new Siebe Gorman 6-bolt dress and other accoutrements in the background. Kees has used this set up to introduce approximately 1000 divers to the wonderful world of deep sea diving. 

Here is Kees' 1942 Siebe Gorman 6-bolt 3-light, Admiralty pattern, ex Royal Navy helmet with flip up welding shield atop another Siebe Gorman hand pump. The pump is a 2 diver unit dating to approximately 1910. Notice the Original Siebe Gorman shoes and chest weight on the floor and the two Siebe Gorman knives next to the helmet.

Here are a couple of shots of Kees' 12-bolt 3-light Italian Galeazzi, complete with original shoes weights and knife. Notice the extra large face plate. I like it.

Check out Kees' 3-bolt 3-Light Russian hat with head mounted lamp. I would think this hat is definitely an older hat. This hat was represented as having been manufactured in the mid 50s when Kees bought it, probably right.
Kees is currently Looking for a breast plate to complete this 4-light Rene Piel helmet. Anybody have one?

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