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Jim's Collection

Jim is a retired commercial diver from the great lakes area of the United States. As you can see Jim has several very nice helmets in his collection and what you see below are just a few of Jim's hats. Jim advises that he would part with some of his hats and can be reached via email at 

Here is Jim's 1942 Morse MkV Model 1. This helmet was manufactured in 1942 and is in very nice condition.
Here is a side view of Jim's Morse MkV. Notice the original tin, almost all of it remains on this hat. Very nice.
Here is a photo of Jim's Bob Kirby style Japanese Yokohama hat. I tend to believe this hat was manufactured by Yokohama in this configuration in agreement with Bob Kirby. A very nice semimodern working hat. 
And, a photo of Jim's Jake wearing an A.J. Morse commercial helmet. This is another beautiful helmet with lots of tin remaining.

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