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Polish Zioty's Alternate History Page

OriganalWelcome to Alternate Page. Although I've seen many great and some realistic Alternate History Pages none of them have had the matarial I prefer or seem kind of far fetched. So going off and making my own hopefully y'all will agree with my matrial. Use the links below to find a time line ande if yo want to submit one E-mail me at


Whom am I kidding I wrote these for fun and hope you enjoy them too. feel free to sign the guest book and send any comments you don't want to post in our guestbook to Our newest thing is something new on a seris called "History's Controlled by the Victor!!!" a type of travel guide on if a certain country succed in takin over. Our newest one is the USSR. Please check it out! :-)

Last updated December 25, 2000

P.S. If you'd like to submit a timeline I'll post it on this site and you'll get full credit.

Stories Coming Soon!

1.)One by land, Two by Sea, Three by Air

What if Texas was still a Republic?
If Lincoln wasn't eleceted President . . .
The October Revilution
Dixie: If the South won the Civil War
God Save Poland
If Roswell never happened
The Iron fist of Molotov(This music takes a bit to load but I think it goes along great with the story)
Third Riech
Third Riech link to go to if you can't read the other one

History's Written by the Victor!

If the USSR Won

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NOTE: A freind told me that I might want to be careful on my image, on this site and I realised she was right. I'd like to make it CLEAR that I am not a Communist are Neo-Nazi, skinhead, etc. I am stroongly against all of those . I'm just trying to provide a look on how things could have been. So thank you and please don't get any wrong ideas on me are this site