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Optional page text here. COLLIERS in the 14th Regiment of Infantry:

COLLIERS in the 14th Regiment of Infantry:

Iverson Collier was born February 9, 1825 in Caswell Co. NC. the son of J.Thomas Collier and Susannah Elizabeth Pinson. He married on Oct 4, 1853 in Upshur Co.TX , Elizabeth Dearmore, who died in1868. They had one child, Selena, who died young. He served in Co. D, 2nd Regt, Texas Mounted Volunteers under Lt. Col. John E. Myrick during the Mexican War. In the Civil War, he was a private in Co. I, Edward Clark’s 14th Reg’t of Texas Infantry, enrolled by Capt.W. L. Coppedge on Mar 1, 1862 at Coffeeville, Upshur Co. TX along with his brother, John Thomas Collier and his cousin Bartlett Yancey Collier. He was discharged on June 23, 1862 under the provisions of the Conscription Act. He later removed to neighboring Franklin County, where in 1870 he married Margaret Jane Johnson Collier, the widow of his cousin Bartlett and they had seven children. In abt 1880 he established the Collier’s Chapel Methodist Church in Franklin Co. TX . He died Aug 16, 1900 and is buried in the Chapel cemetery. There is a “Citizen of the Republic of Texas” marker on his grave.

Iverson’s younger brother, John Thomas Collier, was born 1841 in Tippah Co. MS; He married (1) Nancy Ellen Walker, (2) Latissia Williams, and (3) Sarah JONES. John Thomas was enrolled to the 14th the same day as Iverson and his cousin, Bartlett. He was shot in the shoulder during the war and lost the use of one arm. After the civil war he received a land grant for 640 acres in West Texas, but could never locate the property. He applied twice for a Confederate pension. The first application was denied, the second was approved less than a year before he died in 1905. He is buried in the Coffeyville Cemetery in Upshur Co TX between his first two wives.

Bartlett Yancey Collier was born June 7, 1831 in Giles Co. TN, the son of James Collier and Sarah Jane Yancey Kimbrough. His family migrated to Tippah Co. MS when he was 6 yrs old. His father died in 1842 and his mother eventually left Mississippi and brought the family to Texas, settling in Coffeyville, Upshur Co. after 1850. In 1860, Bartlett, known as “Bardy”, married Margaret Jane Johnson and they had one child, John William Wesley Collier. Bartlett was enrolled by Capt. W. L. Coppedge at Coffeyville on Mar 1, 1862 along with his two cousins, John Thomas Collier and Iverson Collier, sons of J.Thomas Collier. According to his military records, Bardy was a wagoneer. He died Dec 4, 1862 in Little Rock, Pulaski Co. AR. His records do not give the cause of death. There was no battle involving this unit in Dec. 1862, so he died from illness or in an accident. He is buried in an unmarked grave in the CSA cemetery in Little Rock, AR.

There is one more Collier on the muster roll for the 14th, listed as W.A. Collier. This could be another cousin to those listed above. There was a Wilborn A. Collier in Upshur Co, the son of Will Collier, brother of J.Thomas and James, and his wife, Patsy Kimbrough. I do not have information at this time that definitely places him as the same man on the muster roll, but it seems likely.

Source: Teresa Shands
, gg-granddaughter
of Bartlett Y. Collier

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