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Magnolia Rangers Co. D, 1st Brigade - 1st Texas Cavalry, Texas State Militia

The Magnolia Rangers were “instituted January 17, 1861 in Galveston County, Texas. The company was formed from men of Galveston and Harris County. This was one of the earliest Texas Confederate Units, having formed before Texas seceded. The Company accompanied Colonel John S. “RIP” Ford to Brazos Santiago to take Ft. Brown. The Magnolia Rangers remained in service for six months patrolling the frontier forts of west Texas.
Here is the only Muster Roll:

Captain - George W. Durant

First Lieutenant Morandy Coward

Second Lieutenant John J. Lewis

Third Lieutenant John L. Fulgham

First Sergeant Ralph Robertson

Second Sergeant C. Bundick

Third Sergeant M. Bundick

Fourth Sergeant J.W. Grace

Fifth Sergeant Joseph W. Coward

Ensign William Coward

First Corporal Willis Coward

Second Corporal J.W. Derrick

Third Corporal John H. Kipp

Fourth Corporal M.D. Ray

Private E. Allen

Private T. W. Allen Private Ben Allison

Private F.M. Baugh Private Seth Biggs

Private William Biggs Private Willis Butler

Private George Washington Butler

Private Green Butler

Private Abner Coward

Private Richard Coward

Private Samuel Coward

Private A. W. Coward

Private Needham Coward

Private Hardy Coward

Private J.H. Craig

Private C.W Fairbands

Private George M. Fulghum

Private Gilburn Gilleneise

Private A. Grins

Private N. B. Grissom

Private Nicholas Hammson

Private D. J. Haskins

Private Henry J. Holmes

Private John L. Ivey

Private John C. Jacobs

Private Hugh Kelly

Private Aaron Lavells

Private P.L. Lavells

Private A. J. Lavells Private Oliver F. Lettison

Private Thomas Leurs

Private J.C. Long

Private W. H. Long

Private F.G. Mayson

Private David McFadden

Private Jacob Mims

Private Able Morgain

Private Charley Noland

Private Jon Owens

Private John Owins

Private M.C. Perkins

Private Samuel Perkins

Private Thomas Perkins

Private H.C. Phillant

Private D. Pleasant

Private L. H. Roark

Private L. Rosenberge

Private J.M. Staton

Private James Thompson

Private Charles Wallen

Private J.M. Welboan

Private George M. Wilboan (Wilbourn)

Private Charles Willard

Source: Stephen D. Forman
Commander, Granbury's Texas Brigade SCV Camp #1479 Commander, Edward Lea USN, SUVCW Camp #2, Houston, Tx Sgt. 11th Texas Cavalry Co. A.

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