Transcribed by: Sonja Kemp

Warden: (vo) We live in the new time. The year is 41 and the Protectorate controls all the water on Earth, and therefore, all life. I am the Warden of orphanage 43, one of the many orphanages that borders the wastelands. Children are brought here at an early age to be inducted to serve the system. It hurts me to do what I do, but I to must serve the system. Sometimes in my dreams I see the Earth as it was before, green with flowing rivers and mighty oceans. Can it ever be like that again? There is a legend, a tale told by the Chikanis, that speaks of a visitor that came from the heavens. The people called it Bodi. The legend says that it has come to Earth to free the waters once again. Is this legend true? Who knows…

(Skating Arena - Night)
(A young boy, Daniel, skates up to the control room for the arena. He is wearing electric ears, for without them, he is deaf. He goes inside, and looks around. He goes over to the control box and opens it. A large spider is sitting there. Daniel jumps back and the spider falls to the floor and crawls away. He flips a switch and an alarm sounds. It's very loud, so he takes his headset off and finds blessed silence. He flips another switch and the lights in the arena come on. The Solarbabies and the Scorpions skate up. It's a skating battle. Darstar, another orphan, watches with his owl from afar. The leader of the Scorpions, Gavial, is a cocky guy with a bad attitude. The Solarbabies are Daniel, as mascot, Jason, Metron, Rabbit, Tara, and Tug.)
Gavial: We challenge.
Jason: And we accept. (pause) By the rules.
Gavial: (laughs) Sure. You want it by the rules, (skates behind Jason) then it be squared fair.(He elbows Jason on the back of the head.)
(They each skate off. The Scorpions form a line at one end of the arena and the Solarbabies form a line at the other end. They each pause, and then begin to skate towards each other. The game has begun. The purpose of this game seems to be to get the ball into the goal at the center of the court. There's too much going on here for me to go into detail. So I'm just going to write down what they say.)
Metron: All right, let's go!
Tug: Pound him, Jason.
Metron: Hey, Jason, watch out. He's behind you.
(Gavial knocks Jason to the ground.)
Jason: Violation!
Gavial: Who saw it? I didn't.
Jason: (gets up) Okay then! No rules!
Tara: Get him!
(Solarbabies score.)
Tug: Come on, Metron, you're in the clear!
(Solarbabies score again.)
Daniel: (watches from afar) All right! You got it! Come on, Tara!
Tara: Jason!
(Jason scores.)
Gavial: Damn!
(The Strictor of the E-Police, Grock, and his troops pull up on a ridge overlooking the arena. Darstar's owl spots them and flies off. Darstar then looks and sees them, and he too heads for cover. When Grock realizes that the Solarbabies are winning he has his troops move in closer. Daniel spots them.)
Daniel: Scramble, E-Cops!!
Trooper: This is E-Police!
Rabbit: Let's go! Come on! Let's get out of here!
Metron: Move it!
(The Scorpions laugh as the Solarbabies scramble to get away. Daniel goes back into the control room and turns the lights off.)
Trooper: You are ordered to hold for immediate restraining action. You are warned perimeter violator.
Jason: Scatter! Use the caves!
(They all head for the caves.)
Tara: Tug, watch out!
(They all make it into the caves, even Daniel. The E-Police do not follow.)

(Grock is now pacing in front of the Scorpions.)
Grock: Scorpions, you have had special treatment, favors, training by experts from my maiming squads, do you deny that? And yet you allow yourselves to be trashed by left-brained rollers, skating on home-made gear?
Gavial: Strictor, I…
Grock: Cut your breath before you betray your putrid thinking. Scorpions, with out me you're nothing, you don't exist! You are an extension of me. If you are defeated then I am defeated and that cannot be.

(The Caves)
(Daniels is separated from the rest of the group. He's stumbling around alone. His trips near some old railroad tracks, and hits a lever that releases a cart. It rolls down the tracks towards him, and knocks him to the ground, breaking his electric ears. The cart runs through the wall. Suddenly Daniel can hear a noise coming from elsewhere in the cave, he gets up and goes to investigate. He goes through the opening in the wall that the cart made, and finds a small pool of water. He reaches into the pool and pulls out a bowling ball-sized glowing orb. Daniel holds the ball, for a minute as he looks around. He can hear water dripping into the pool. He yells, and his voice echo's back to him.)
Daniel: I can hear. (to ball) You did it, you fixed my ears. Thank you. What's your name? (the ball makes some noise) Bo…(more noise)…d…di? Bodi? (yells) Bodi! I can hear! I can really hear!!

(The Solarbabies skate quickly for the orphanage.)
Jason: Where's Daniel?
Metron: He always beats us back.
Tara: But what if they caught him?
Rabbit: Not a chance!
Jason: Let's move or we'll miss roll check.

(All the kids are in separate lines. Jason looks down his line at Tara.)
Jason: (quietly) Where's Daniel?
Tara: I don't know.

(Solarbabies Clubhouse)
(Daniel walks in. He walks over to a trunk and opens it. Then he kneels down in front of it and pulls Bodi out of his bag. He places Bodi in the trunk.)
Daniel: You better be quiet now. I'll be back as soon as I can. (he goes to close the lid, but stops) Do you like air? I mean, do you breathe? (the second call for roll check sounds) Uh-oh, well better not take a chance. (He grabs a hockey stick and places it longways over the trunk opening then shuts the lid. There is now a small gap for air to get through.)

(Tara looks up and spots Daniel running to get inline.)
Tara: (to Jason) Hey! Hey! (motions for him to look up.)
(Jason looks up and sees Daniel as well, he smiles and nods. He then spots a trooper walking along the line towards Tara.)
Jason: (quietly) Get back! Get back!
(Tara looks, sees the guard, and gets back in line.)
Trooper: Programming assembly has been called. You will appear with enthusiasm for programming assembly.

(Elsewhere in the Orphanage)
(The Warden is watering a small planet with water from his drinking ration. He looks up to find the Strictor standing there. The Strictor looks at the water speculatively.)
Warden: It's my drinking rations.
Grock: Do you like it here?
Warden: It's quiet.
Grock: That's the difference between us, I don't like quiet.
Warden: Yes, I know.
Grock: Why do you let them go beyond the walls?
Warden: It's good for morale. It lets them feel they're getting away with something. And after all, there's no chance of escape. The nearest uncontrolled water is one hundred miles away.
Grock: I want them punished for it.
Warden: All of them?
Grock: I saw only Solarbabies.
Warden: (snidely) Were they winning?
Grock: (laughs) Odd name for a Skate Ball team, don't you think? Solarbabies. Soft, no menace. Why do you suppose they chose it?
Warden: They don't seem to need anything more menacing, do they? They always seem to win. But you needn't worry, they'll be properly punished.

(The class is watching footage of the Eco-Wars.)
Tutor Nobler: They call themselves Eco-Warriors. Eco taken from what, Rabbit?
Rabbit: Hey, they took it, they should give it back.
(The class laughs. Suddenly the Warden appears on the screen.)
Warden: Tutor Nobler, I would like to see Jason, Metron, Rabbit, Tara, and Tug on the Dog Line immediately.
Class: Uh-oh.
(The Solarbabies reluctantly get up and head out.)
Gavial: Sun down for the Solarbabies.
(Tutor Nobler smiles smugly.)

(Dog Line)
(The guys are now lined up and the Warden paces in front of them.)
Warden: This orphanage is dedicated to producing useful members of the E-Protectorate. I will not run it as a prison! Do you understand that?
Jason: Yes.
Warden: Yes, then why did I have a Strictor from the E-Police Maiming Squad in my office this morning?
Metron: We were challenged by the Scorpions.
Warden: I'm sure you were. But you could have taken the challenge here in organized play.
Jason: They wanted the outside arena.
Warden: Of course they did, there are no rules at the arena. Now understand something, my power ends at the walls. Outside is the Strictor's world. There is nothing out there, nothing. Stick with us, learn to serve order, and you'll achieve a decent life grid. (to guard) Let them do ten cubic meters.
Metron: Ten?!
Warden: (pause) Let them do twenty cubic meters. (walks off)
Guard: Twenty cubic meters by sun down or double that tomorrow. Now start digging.
(The Solarbabies begin to dig.)

(Recreation Area)
(Darstar has drawn a picture in the sand. A crowd gathers around to see what he's up to. He kneels by the picture and closes his eyes. Soon two crows fly down. One lands on the picture, the other lands on Dark Star's shoulder. Everyone is impressed, but before anything else can happen Gavial and his lame friends walk up and destroy the picture.)
Gavial: Hey crow brains! No birds allowed.
(The birds fly off. Darstar stands and just looks at Gavial before turning and walking away.)
Gavial: You got a problem, Darstar. Bye bye Mr. Magic. (to others) Guys a total moon.

(Dog Line)
(Tara's in a whole about 5 feet deep. She's still digging. Daniels drops into the hole behind her.)
Gavial: Tara!
(Tara turns around quickly in surprise.)
Gavial: I like the sweat.
Tara: Get out you creature of filth.
Gavial: Hey, I just want to talk. (reaches out his hands toward her breasts) And maybe, just a little, hands on parlez.
(Tara jerks the shovel up between his legs and stops just before hitting his privates.)
Tara: Now I'm listening.
(A guard spots Daniels in the hole and yells at him.)
Guard: Gavial, get out of there!
Gavial: (to Tara) Next time.
(He leaves. Tara sighs and gets back to digging.)

(Daniel is sitting by himself in the clubhouse. The others walk in, all sweaty and dirty. Daniel is not wearing his electric ears and the others don't know that he can hear yet.)
Jason: (spots Daniel) Well, little stacker, they gave us 20 cubes in the ditch.
Metron: Yes, there's times when it pays to be just a mascot. (looks up) Forget it, he's not wearing his ears.
Tug: When's the next water privilege? How long do I gotta wear this skuzz?
Rabbit: You're gonna have us holding our noses for the next two days.
(Tug throws a towel at Rabbit, and Rabbit laughs.)
Tara: Unless we had a rain storm.
Metron: Well how about a hurricane or a flood while you're at it.
Tara: You believe all that dog squeeze they feed us in class. That's not the way it was. (holds up a book) Here's how it used to be. (reads) "Thunder rolls distant across the sky, an echoed a pale flashes of lightening. The vast cloudscape thickens. The scent of purist water hangs in the air to be savored, before the first large formed drops fall. Then within seconds the air is no more, replaced by a vertical curtain of falling rain." (looks up) The land drinks and the earth is refreshed. Could you imagine to see clouds and to feel rain falling from the sky?
Metron: One of the few good things the Protectorate every did was outlaw fiction. (grabs the book) Where'd you get this?
Tara: Never mind! Just give it back! (Grabs the book.)
Metron: Well before you get so over-amped over these pseudo-factiods I…(thunder is heard overhead)
Jason: I didn't just hear that I felt it.
Tug: What was it?
Metron: Let's hope it's not another Earth shift.
(Lightening crashes down and Metron jumps back. Suddenly it begins to rain. They all laugh.)
Rabbit: It's water!
(They begin to gather the water in cups and dance around. Daniel looks into the trunk at Bodi and then back up at the guys.)
Rabbit: Come on, Tara!
Tug: Come on!
(She goes over to them and they swing her around.)
Rabbit: Come on, Daniel, come on!
Tara: Daniel, come on!
(Daniel hops up and goes over to them. He begins dancing around.)
Rabbit: Go little man!
(The alarm sounds for Skate Break, and the rain stops.)
Metron: Meds! They must be slipping us some kind of new medication. We're all hallucinating.
Tug: Well they can slip me more of that anytime, I'm clean.
Daniel: It wasn't meds, it was real.
Metron: No, it couldn't have been real.
Daniel: No, it was.
Tara: (shocked) He can hear you.
Jason: (shocked too) What?!
(They all look at Daniel now in shock.)
Daniel: Of course he heard me, he hears everything.
Jason: No, you heard me. You can hear.
Daniel: Yeah, I can hear.
Tara: Daniel, you can hear without your electric ears.
Daniel: My electric ears don't even work. I hear everything.
Metron: That's impossible.
Rabbit: Hey man, how can you say that? It's been thundering and lightening, and we're all soaking wet! I gotta believe anything's possible.
Jason: When did this happen? Was it during the storm?
Daniel: No. Bodi did it when I found him. Look! (he goes over to the trunk and opens it, he reaches in and pulls out Bodi) He did it.
Tara: Daniel, what is that?
Daniel: His name's Bodi. (Bodi sings)
Jason: I think it heard you.
Daniel: Of course he heard me. He hears everything. Even when I'm not talking, he hears me. (to Tara) Here, (he gives her Bodi) he likes to be held.
Tara: It does. I can feel it likes to be held.
(She passes it over to Jason.)
Rabbit: Hey, Bode.
Daniel: His name's Bodi. Jason, can we keep him? I mean, look, I fixed and everything, it'll be fine.
Metron: It doesn't need a bed, I mean, it's not alive.
Tara: We don't know that.
Metron: Come on.
Daniel: Bodi feels just like we do, and he's smart too!
(Alarm sounds again.)
Tug: That was the second call for Skate Break.
Jason: All right, before we go we all oath that no one breathes a whisper about this. Daniel, I want you to pretend that you're still deaf.
Daniel: Why?
Jason: People will start probing, we've got to keep this thing absolutely secret. Okay?
Metron: Okay, let's move.
Tug: We're gonna be late.
Daniel: (putting Bodi back in the trunk.) Stay here, I'll be right back.
(From the ceiling Darstar watches them through the grate.)

(Skate Break)
(Everyone is skating around. Gavial and his goons are there too. Gavial roughs up Daniel and shoves him. He then goes after Tara.)
Gavial: Hey, Jason, watch this!
(He goes over to Tara and starts to feel her up. She shoves him away.)
Tara: Get off of me!
(Gavial backs up and looks at Jason who is rushing over to him.)
Gavial: Come on, Jas.
(He and Jason fight, and Jason bloodies his nose.)
Jason: You so much as breathe on her again, I'll break your neck.
(Gavial gets up. Someone offers him a towel, but he shoves them away.)

(Clubhouse - Later)
(Jason's alone in the clubhouse. He goes over to the trunk and picks up Bodi.)
Jason: Hey, do you get bored just sitting here? I can't believe I'm sitting here talking to a ball. (Bodi sings loudly) Okay, all right, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I know that you understand things, maybe everything. But who are you? Where do you come from? I know, it's a tough one. See, I don't know where I come from and I don't know why I'm here. What's worse is I don't know where I'm going. I don't know who I'm gonna be. I just know that I can't accept things the way they are. I don't want to be part of what I've seen. But I guess I'll have too.
(He looks at Bodi, and Bodi shows him several images. The Solarbabies, a soldier, water breaking free, the Solarbabies swimming in the water. Suddenly the clubhouse door opens and the rest of the guys come in.)
Metron: No it is not a waste of time, and I'll tell you why it's not…(sees Jason with Bodi)…what's going on?
Daniel: Is Bodi okay?
Jason: Yeah, yeah, he's fine. I was just holding him. (sees a box that Metron's holding) What's that? (gets up and goes over to the table.)
Metron: Oh, I just want to see if it's radioactive.
Tara: Can't you just leave it alone?
Metron: Look, if we're around something that's giving off radioactivity we could all end up dead.
Jason: Just let him do it.
(Metron checks his machine and then scans Bodi.)
Metron: Nothing.
Daniel: Hi Bodi.
Rabbit: Hey, Bode, so you're not dangerous.
Daniel: His name's Bodi.
Rabbit: Hey look he's speaking to you in your language and me in mine okay.
Metron: But what is it?
Daniel: He's a who, not an it.
Tara: Well then who is it?
Metron: I don't know. I can't figure it out.
Tara: You're kidding.
Metron: What?
Tara: Well I just heard you admit that there's something you can't figure out. 'Metron admits to mystery.'
(Bodi makes a laughing noise. Tug holds out a skate ball stick that has a type of cup on the end, and Bodi hops into it. Tug laughs.)
Jason: Tip it over.
(Tug tosses Bodi over to Jason, who catches him in another stick.)
Tara: Don't hurt him.
Jason: I'm not gonna hurt him. I think that he wants to play.

(Outside Arena)
(They all go to the outside arena and begin to play a game of skate ball.)
Tara: Metron, pass it over here.
Tug: Pass it to me, Tara. Hey Jas.
(Metron goes to hit the ball, but Bodi moves and Metron falls.)
Rabbit: Hey Metron, why don't you try to hit the ball.
(Bodi comes over to him, and he starts rapping to him.)
Jason: Rabbit, pass it over.
(Rabbit bumps Bodi over to Jason, and Jason swings. Bodi seems to blow up, but he re-emerges on Daniels stick.)
Tug: Can you explain this, Metron.
Metron: I…
Rabbit: Hey, Daniel, here's your chance. Put it in the goal.
Metron: Come on, little man, put it up.
Tug: He wants you to shoot.
(Daniel shoots and scores.)
Tug: Daniels the skate ball champion of the world!
(After a while everybody is tired and they're all sitting down.)
Daniel: Jason, can't we just play one more game. I mean, Bodi wants to play, I bet, and I want to play.
Jason: It's late, I think we ought to head back.
(Jason goes to pick up Bodi, but when he pulls his hand back it's glowing, and Bodi seems to be attached to him. The others watch in awe. Jason holds his hand out to Tara, and the light jumps into her hand, joining her to Jason. She holds out her other hand, and the light jumps into Rabbit's hand, and so on and so forth until the are all connected. Darstar watches them from a distance.)

(Darstar stands over the trunk where Bodi is kept. He reaches in and puts Bodi in his pack, then closes the trunk and runs out.)

(The Next Day)
(An alarm sounds.)

Tara: Somebody's free.
Jason: They'll catch him.
Tara: Yeah. But until they do he's free. Oh, I envy him.

(Male Dorm)
(Guards are searching all of the beds.)
Guard: What about the personal areas?
Guard 2: Toss the personal areas. Toss everything.
Guard: I got the bird-boy.
Guard 2: Anything?
Guard: Nothing, Darstar took it all.
Guard 2: Let's go.
(They run out. Daniel stands watching in the window. He knows something is wrong as Bodi sings to him from afar.)

(Male Dorm - Night)
(Tara quietly works her way over to Jason's bunk and wakes him up.)
Jason: (whispering) You can't be in here.
Tara: (whispering) Shhh. Daniel's gone.
Jason: (whispering) What?
Tara: (whispering) He went after Bodi. I think Bodi called him or something, I don't know.
Jason: (whispering) Did you encourage him?
Tara: (whispering) No, I didn't. I wouldn't do that. You know I wouldn't.
Jason: (whispering) All right. Get out of here, and we'll meet in the club room.
Tara: So we're gonna go after him?
Jason: (whispering) Shhh! Be quiet.
(She smiles and kisses him before she leaves.)

Tara: He's a little boy all alone. I say that we go.
Jason: Listen to me carefully. This is not like sneaking off to the pits. It's not gonna be twenty meters in the ditch for this one. If we do get caught it's gonna mean main stream.
Metron: Or maybe worse.
Rabbit: What could be worse?
Metron: Like surgical alteration. We didn't think of that, did we?
Tara: They've conditioned us here to be so afraid. There has got to be a place to go. We were not born here! We have parents on the outside, families, people who might still be alive. Maybe we could find them. I'm very worried about him, please let's just go.
Tug: It sounds like if we go, we're not coming back.
Jason: Exactly right, so it's got to be something that we all agree on or we just don't go.
Metron: Then we should vote.
Jason: Right, all those in favor…
Metron: No, this should be a secret ballot. There shouldn't be any peer pressure. (hands out pens and paper)
(Jason is collecting the papers. Metron pauses before he puts his in.)
Metron: Wait. (Takes his paper and scratches out what he wrote and writes something else before dropping it in the helmet.)
(Jason reads all the ballots, then looks up at them.)
Jason: It's unanimous. We go.
Rabbit: All right!

(They have left the orphanage and are on their way. They pass by some rocks an a camera pops up.)
Jason: Rabbit.
(Rabbit takes a stone and hits it into the eye of the camera, smashing it.)
All: Yeah!!
(They skate on.)

Warden: Now, why would they even try to escape? There's no point in it.
Grock: Maybe they were challenged by the ineptitude of your system. Maybe they couldn't resist. (looks at Darstar's folder) A Chikani.
Warden: He doesn't know that. No child here knows his origin, it's the law. He was taken at the age of two months.
Grock: It's in his blood. There's still some Chikani camps in the wastes, we'll find him. Seven little douchkies all in a row. How are you going to explain all this to the inquisitor from Main Stream Control?
Warden: Maybe when you find them you could bring them back here. It might pass unnoticed.
Grock: But that's not the law. The law requires that I take them to my headquarters to be surgically altered. You're not suggesting that I break the law. Of course, you know, I could tell them what you're always telling me…that you don't run a prison here.
Warden: Grock, I don't want them hurt.
Grock: Maybe you should have thought of that before.

Tara: We're free.
Tug: Yeah.
Tara: I told you we're free! We're free! We're free, all right!!
(Shots of them skating looking for Daniel, with the Solarbabies theme song playing in the background.)

(Elsewhere in the desert)
(Daniel pauses and takes a drink of water, only there's none left in his canister. He sighs. Bodi sings. Daniel listens and then gets up and keeps moving.)

(The Solarbabies are still skating along, when suddenly the E-Cops show up. They make a break for it.)
Jason: E-Pigs. They're on our trail! Come on!
(They all skate off, but they come to the end of the bridge. The bridge is over a very deep ravine and if they fall, they're dead. Jason has an idea.)
Jason: (motions to the others) Come on!
(They form a spinning chain, with Jason at the center, and one by one they each go over the ravine, until only Jason is left. He backs up a bit, just as a cop closes in on him.)
Tug: Come on, Jason! Run!
Tara: Jason!
Tug: Come on, Jason!!
(Jason skates with all his might and heaves himself over the ravine and lands safely on the other side. They watch as the cop is unable to stop in time and how he and his bike fall into the ravine. They then skate off.)
Tara: All right!
Rabbit: Yeah!
Tara: We did it!

(Elsewhere in the Desert)
(Darstar is wandering in the desert. His owl senses something.)
Darstar: I know, but where.
(He releases the owl, and then follows it over a hill where he finds a Chikani camp.)

(Chikani Camp)
(Darstar is now walking though the camp, but is stopped by the leader.)
Leader: Who are you?
Darstar: I've never been sure.
Leader: Don't be cryptic with me boy.
Darstar: I was raised in a protective orphanage, that's all I know.
Leader: What do they call you?
Darstar: I call myself Darstar.
Leader: (looking at the owl) The owl, it yours?
Darstar: As much as an owl is anyone's.
Leader: (smiles and laughs) You are Chikani. (he puts his arm around Darstar and turns to the other Chikani's.) Chikani!
All: Chikani!

(The Leader leads Darstar to an old amusement park ride that is in the camp. It's like an old haunted house inside.)
Darstar: What is this place?
Leader: It used to amuse me. Hey boy! (motions to the old man) He's old. He lives only to keep the past.(He and Darstar walk up to the old man, who's surrounded by about a 100 pigeons.)
Old Man: Ah, sooner than expected. Well, show it to me. Show it to me.
(Darstar takes Bodi out of his bag.)
Old Man: Where did you get it?
Leader: What does it matter, he brought it to us.
Old Man: He brought it? He brought it? I think it brought him.
Darstar: I know it has powers, but…
Old Man: It has will. There is a difference.
Leader: Stop trying to shuffle our brains. How can we use it?
Old Man: The force of will…(to the birds who are now quite loud) Oh, be quiet, I'm speaking. (they quiet down.) This force of will is not one of your blind energies which can light your lamp or break an ancient charm. It chooses it's own path. So, if anybody is going to be used, it will be you!
Darstar: Where did it come from?
Old Man: Oh, some say from the stars. Some…the genius of Longenis. (Bodi sings) See, it knows his name! He hid it, he protected it.
Leader: Listen, mutt, I know this is worth some coin.
Old Man: (laughs) The Protectorate fears the will of the sphere. Once they know that you have it, they will spare nothing, absolutely nothing to gain possession of it.
Leader: And they'll pay for it?
(The old man laughs again. The Leader goes to pick up Bodi, but Bodi shocks him and he backs off.)
Leader: (to Darstar) Get it.
(Darstar picks up Bodi and puts him back in his bag. They then leave the old man.)

(Most of the camp is now asleep. The owl wakes Darstar. He looks around, then picks up his bag and leaves the camp. About 2 minutes later all hell breaks loose as the Protectorate storm the camp and begin killing and taking hostages.)

Trooper: Prepare to evacuate camp. Deposit all captives in E-Van 7.
(Gavial spots Darstars owl flying overhead and he shoots it. He then runs over to where it has fallen to the ground.)
Gavial: I got him! I want this owl! Ha ha!
(From a distance Darstar hangs his head in sorrow.)

(The Protectorate is now gone. Daniel has stumbled upon the remains of the camp. He stops as he spots some movement through the smoke. He backs up and suddenly he's picked up, he yells out in surprise, until he realizes that it's Jason.)
Jason: Hey! Next time you leave a better trail.
(They all hug Daniel.)
Tara: Daniel, we were so worried about you. Where were you?
Daniel: Bodi called me. I had to follow, but I didn't think you'd come.
Tug: What, and miss a trudge through the desert? (grabs Daniel in a bear hug)
Metron: (looking around) Hey, what happened here? Who trashed this place?
Jason: Must have been the E-cops.
(Rabbit has wandered off and he spots Darstar's owl. He picks it up for the others to see.)
Rabbit: Hey look!
Jason: Darstar.
Tara: We should bury it. (goes over to Rabbit)
Metron: Why?
Jason: Never mind why, we should just bury it. (follows Tara)
Tug: (gives Metron a look) Why? (follows Jason)

(A Little While Later)
(They have buried the owl, and now sit around with their head's bowed. Darstar watches from a distance. He takes off his bird glove and lays it in the sand before moving on.)

(Protectorate Compound)
(Grock and the captives from the Chikani camp drive up. There are bounty hunters hanging out, outside the gates.)
Trooper: Bounty hunters, clear the gates!
(Two particular bounty hunters, Dogger and Malice, are very persistent.)
Dogger: I'll go anywhere. We'll go anywhere.
(The trucks go inside. Grock climbs out and walks along the gates.)
Dogger: All I want is a summer job, daddy, just a summer job.
Malice: (smacks him, and shoves him out of the way) Show some respect! Ah, your lordship, your lordship…ah, bounty hunters looking for work, sir, looking for work. Um, whenever and whatever I could do for you, sir. Anytime at all.
Grock: We'll be in touch.
(Slams his stick against the gates making Dogger and Malice jump back.)

(Interrogation Room)
(The Leader of the Chikani is now strapped to a type of metal device. He has ants crawling all over his body and he's screaming.)
Grock: Do you wish to change your story?
Leader: It is true! Please! Please, please, please…
Grock: Relive him.
(A button is pushed and the ants suddenly disappear.)
Grock: And you actually saw the sphere of Longines?
Leader: I touched it!
Grock: And the boy has it?
Leader: Yes!
Grock: And the others? The boy was not alone.
Leader: No, I saw no others, I swear it!
Grock: (to guards) I believe this man has soiled himself, wash him.
Leader: Please, Strictor. I've told you everything. I should be rewarded for what I've done. My reward!
(He is dragged out of the room.)
Grock: There are a couple of ward hunters at the gate. Bring me their leader, Malice. (a guard leaves to do so) Clear the room. (everyone but Gavial leaves) You never told me about the sphere.
Gavial: I didn't know about it.
Grock: Did enjoy what you just saw?
Gavial: No, I mean yes.
Grock: It's a remarkable machine, don't you think? I mean, you can have whatever you want. Whatever they fear most. Disease, rats, snakes. How would you like to see (grabs Gavial's arm and holds it over the machine) the flesh falling from your body.
(The flesh on Gavials arm begins to boil and fall off.)
Gavial: I oath my life I never saw a sphere!
Grock: Never?!
Gavial: No! Noooo!
(Grock pulls his arm away from the machine, and it's back to normal. Grock laughs.)

(Cave - Night)
(The Solarbabies are sitting around a campfire. Tara is handing out some mushrooms. Tug is searching for something to drink by picking up and shaking all of the cans that are on the ground.)
Tara: This is all there is, so make it last.
Rabbit: Hey, Tara, how do you know these things aren't poison?
Tara: Oh, I saw the birds eating them.
Metron: What she didn't see were the birds dying afterwards.
Rabbit: Hey listen, sandbrain, she fed us and that's more than you could do, all right? (gets up and walks off)
Daniel: Yeah, she fed us.
Metron: All right.
Daniel: And their good too.
Metron: All right, Daniel.
Tug: (holding up a can) Hey, this one's full!
Metron: What is it?
Tug: (reading) 'The Man's Brew'. I guess that mean's you go thirsty, Tara.
Tara: Oh thanks, Tug.
(Tug pops the tab and begins to drink. The others hop up to stop him.)
Tara: Don't drink that! What are you doing…
(Their voices fade out as we see Rabbit in another part of the cave looking around. He turns around and is startled by a picture of an E-cop on the wall. He cries out.)
Jason: Rabbit? Rabbit?
Rabbit: You guys, come here.
(They all grab their flashlights and go over to him.)
Rabbit: This is awesome. Check out the guys in the weird getups.
(There is an entire mural describing the Eco-Wars.)
Jason: These guys are Eco-Warriors, fighting the Protectorate.
(Daniel is looking at a picture of a man wearing a symbol around his neck.)
Daniel: Tara! Look!
Tara: What?
Daniel: Look at this man.
(They all come over and look. Tara is shocked. She holds up her hand next to the symbol. The tiny tattoo on her hand matches the symbol.)
Jason: Look, he's wearing the same symbol you have on your hand.
Metron: (from off to the side) Hey Jason, come here.
(Jason goes over to him, leaving Tara to look at the picture of the man.)

(The Aquabunker)
(Grock has gone to see Shandray, a woman who works at the Aquabunker.)

Shandray: This magnatron creates a force-field nearly equal to Earth's magnetic pull.
Grock: Sounds impressive.
Shandray: It is impressive. It could hold a comet. But that doesn't explain why it should interest a Strictor of the E-Police.
Grock: Could it hold the sphere of Longines? Or to be more specific, could it destroy the sphere of Longines?
Shandray: Are you suggesting the sphere still exists.
Grock: I'm not the kind of man to waste your valuable time without reason.
Shandray: So, you've actually found this…malignant thing.
Grock: Could you destroy it?
Shandray: Shouldn't it go to Mainstream Control?
Grock: And let someone else take credit for the destruction of it.
Shandray: Well, my facility is ready to serve.

(Tire Town - Outside)
Rabbit: Look at this!
Jason: And they said there was nothing out here.
Rabbit: What is this place.
Metron: Well it's definitely not Mainstream.
Tara: Tire Town

(Tire Town)
(There are all kinds of people here. Steel workers, grocers, hookers, etc.)
Hooker: Sure, I'll tie you up, if you can afford it.
(Our gang is now in disguise.)
Rabbit: (to hooker) Looking good! Looking good!
Hooker 2: Hey, big chunk. Two quarts and I could spend a few hours.
Tug: Spend a couple hours doing what?
Rabbit: Hey man, let's go.
Tug: Spend a couple hours doing what?
(Rabbit sighs.)

(Vegetable Table)
(Tara is looking at some vegetables. As she runs her hands over some potatoes the grocer sees her tattoo. He motions to his partner, and they both come and watch her. She smiles, a little warily, and then moves on.)

(Daniel steps up to watch the ring leader of the fair talk.)
Ring Leader: Come one, come all, watch the human fire dragon.
(Daniel is startled when the man blows balls of fire from his mouth. He stumbles back and knocks over some shelves before running off.)

(Wanted Room)
(Jason wanders along the posters of wanted criminals.)
Computer: Extra water privileges awarded for the capture of these Protectorate fugitives.
(Jason suddenly ducks his head when he sees his picture up on the wall, along with the rest of the gangs.)

(In Town)
(Dogger and Malice have tracked the gang to Tire Town. They stand watching the crowd.)
Dogger: I know he came this way, Malice. I seen him. I did, he just went around this corner…
(Malice looks up and spots Daniel standing on a tower looking out into the crowd.)
Malice: We've got him.
Dogger: He's mine.
Malice: No. We wait, we follow, we've got them all.
(They laugh.)

(The Iron Works)
(Darstar is hiding out by working in the Ironworks. A bell goes off signaling a break period. Bottles of water are handed out to all of the workers.)

(The gang runs through town trying to find Bodi who is close by.)
Daniel: This way!
(They make their way over to a locked truck.)
Daniel: He's here.
(They take off their disguises while Metron tries to find the combination to the lock.)
Rabbit: Hey, come on, standing out here is like begging for a bullseye.
Jason: You sure you can do this?
Metron: Oh sure, it's just like the old gym lockers. (the lock doesn't open) Well, almost.
(Darstar wanders over.)
Darstar: Try sixty-six.
Jason: The sphere better be in there, or you're maim.
Darstar: Just turn the dial to sixty-six, and you'll have it.
Jason: (to Metron) Sixty-six.
(Metron does so and the lock opens.)
Metron: Hey!
(They push the chains out of the way and they all climb into the back of the truck. They shut the door on Darstar. He goes off by himself.)

(Inside Truck)
Daniel: Hi Bodi! See, I told you he was here.
(A few minutes later)
Jason: No, I said forget going back.
Rabbit: So what are we gonna do, stay here?
Tug: I'd rather go back to the desert.
Metron: And die of thirst?
Tara: There has got to be a place to go.
Metron: Well until you're ready to show us oh Earth mother.
Daniel: I think we should make it.
Metron: Make what?
Daniel: Make our own place to live.
Metron: Make it out of what, Daniel? Blink your eyes and take a look at the real world out there because it's a very ugly place.
Daniel: Bodi will help us.
Metron: Bodi? God is here.
Tara: Metron, you should have stayed at the orphanage. (gets up to leave)
Jason: Hey, Tara!
Tara: (to Metron) No, I'm serious. You had a future with the Protectorate, you should have stayed. (leaves)

(Outside the Truck)
(Tara stands there for a minute, very frustrated. She spots Darstar and goes over to him. She sits down beside him.)
Tara: We found your owl. I'm sorry it got killed. We buried it.
Darstar: I know.
Tara: Why did you take the sphere?
Darstar: I thought it would do magic for me, like it did for you. It's not simple magic. It's something else.Tara: So what are you gonna do now? You gonna stay here?
Darstar: For now anyway. What about you?
Tara: I don't know, we can't decide.
Darstar: (spots the troops entering the city) I think it's been decided for you.
(He and Tara hop down to go warn the others.)
(The troops run into the Ironworks and go after the Solarbabies. They skate off with Darstar with them. The troops follow.)
Gavial: (to troops) Come on, spread out! Move it!

Darstar: Come on, up the ramp! I'll hold them.
(The others go past him as he pushes over some tires that are stacked up. Jason helps him, and then the both follow the others. The Solarbabies are able to inflict some damage of their own to the troops. As Daniel skates off he drops Bodi, and he goes back to get him, but the troops are about to pour hot lead down to where he's standing, Jason pushes Daniel forward and follows him.)
Daniel: Wait! I dropped Bodi!
Jason: Daniel, no!
Daniel: Wait! I have to get Bodi!!
Jason: No!
Daniel: Bodi! Bodi!
Jason: Head for the tires!

(Outside the Ironworks)
(The guys have made it outside to where a row of large tires are sitting on a hilltop. They each climb into a tire and Jason pushes them down the hill.)
Metron: Come on! Hop in!
Jason: (to Daniel) Don't let go, Daniel!

(Tara is separated from the others and is surrounded by fire. She can't get out.)
Tara: Jason!!!
(A hand comes from behind her and covers her mouth.)

(Darstar manages to pick up Bodi, but when he looks up he's surrounded. Grock has a smug smile on his face.)

(Bottom of the Hill.)
(The guys are all really dizzy from going down the hill. They're very slowly climbing out of the tires.)
Tug: You all right?
Metron: Yeah.
Tug: Rabbit, man, you okay?
Jason: (looking around) Where's Tara?
Tug: I don't know.
Rabbit: I thought she was behind you.
Tug: No, she wasn't.
(The Ironworks explodes.)
Jason: TARA!!! (starts running towards the Ironworks)
Tug: No, Jason!
Jason: Tara!! TARA…..!!

(A Cave)
(Once again the guys are sitting around a fire. They are all very sad.)
Metron: The whole place just exploded.
Tug: Maybe she got out another way.
Rabbit: Yeah, she was slick on her wheels.
(Jason gets up and walks away.)

(Daniel is listening to Bodi sing.)

(Bodi is now contained in the shield that could hold a comet.)
Shandray: Congratulations, Strictor.
Grock: Now let's see what you can do.
Shandray: Our analysis will take a little time. But I'll do everything I can to see you're not bored.

(The guys are climbing up a rock mountain. It's sunny outside and very hot. Jason puts his hand on the top of the top ledge, and a boot steps on it. Jason looks up, and Malice and Dogger are standing there. Jason's really nervous now.)
Malice: Oh, not to worry, it's only a live boy-o they pay for. Ain't that right, Old Dog?
Dogger: That's what the E-Piggies want…live young lands. Make a man's day.

(The guys are now tied to a pole that is attached to a cart of some kind. They are being forced to pull the cart.)
Malice & Dogger: (singing) I stink therefore I am…I stink therefore I am…
(They stop as they spot a lone person skating towards them dressed in white and being. The persons face is covered so they can only see the eyes.)
Malice: Only one. Only a lonely one. Not to worry.
(When the person gets close enough it sprays all of them with water.)
Dogger: Water! Water!
Malice: Who flashes water like that?
Dogger: (to skater) Wait. Wait! We'll barter some.
Malice: Did you hear? We'll barter for what you've got. Bring it here.
(The person motions for them to follow.)
Dogger: Let's go!
Malice: No! We've got value here. (points at the boys) We don't want to lose it.
Dogger: It's only a lonely little one! Let's go!

(A few minutes later they are following the person around a bend in the road. The boys are still tied to the pole, but the pole has been detached from the cart. Malice is dragging them alone. Suddenly the person stops to face them.)
Malice: (looks around) There's nothing here.
Person: Are you sure about that. Take a better look.
(The person pulls their face covering down and it's Tara.)
Jason: Tara.
(Suddenly several warriors pop out from behind the dunes with weapons pointed at Malice and Dogger. Most of the warriors keep their weapons trained on the bad guys while another one unties the guys. Tara runs over to them.)
Daniel: Oh Tara!
Tara: Jason!
(She and Jason hug.)
Rabbit: All right!
(They all hug.)
Tara: Oh, Daniel, I missed you!
Rabbit: I can't believe it.
Daniel: You're okay.

(Now Malice and Dogger are tied to the pole that's been re-connected to the cart. They are also barefoot.)
Tara: After all your hard work, we couldn't let you go off empty handed boys.
(Malice and Dogger begin slowly inching away, the ground burning their feet.)
Tug: Hey! You forgot your boot!
(He throws the boot and it lands in the back of the cart. The guys all laugh.)
Rabbit: Hey, take it easy fellas.
Daniel: Bye! Yeah, take it easy. Get a suntan.

(Eco-Warrior Camp)
(Tara leads the guys into a huge cave.)
Tara: Wait till you see this.
Rabbit: Hey, where are you taking us?
(When they get inside, there is water, and plants.)
Jason: What is this place?
Tara: This is where I live.
(They go over a small bridge, and Tug spots the water under it as he comes around the corner.)
Tug: Water!
(Tug jumps in and starts splashing around.)
Tara: Tug, come on! There's more!
Rabbit: (spotting the glacier) Hey look, water comes right out of the rocks!
Tara: (points) No, it comes from here. This is called ice.
Greentree: (coming out) Thousands of years ago, a giant glacier was trapped under a lava flow. As it melts, it feeds the springs that make our oasis.
Tara: (goes to stand beside him.) This is Greentree. My father.
(Greentree smiles.)
Jason: Father?!
Tug: From the picture.
Tara: (to Greentree) These are my friends. This is Jason.
(Greentree shakes each of their hands as Tara introduces them.)
Greentree: Jason.
Jason: Hello.
Tara: And Rabbit.
Greentree: Rabbit.
Tara: This is Metron.
Greentree: Metron.
Tara: Tug. And the little one over there, that's Daniel.
(Daniel, who is holding a baby sheep, waves from his vantage point.)
Greentree: (smiles) I'm glad to meet Tara's family, now you're my family too. This is your home. Come on!
Metron: (to Tug) Father? (he makes his way over to Greentree) I don't understand. Why doesn't the Protectorate take over here like everyplace else?
Greentree: This place is our secret, and it must be kept.
Jason: So have you stopped fighting?
Greentree: The Eco-Wars took a great toll. Tara's mother was taken prisoner, and killed. Our numbers were cut. By now, the Eco-Warriors are only a rumor. (he picks up a little boy) But there are new generations. Our survival is our victory. By some extraordinary luck our people found Tara, and she's here, we're all here, to stay.

(Outside the Eco-Warrior Cave)
(It's just after sunset. Daniel is sitting outside by himself. Jason walks over to him and sits down.)
Daniel: Bodi doesn't call anymore. Maybe they silenced him. Are we just gonna give up, Jason.
Jason: No.
Daniel: What are we gonna do?
Jason: I never told you this, but Bodi, he showed me something. We were headed for this place, that we still haven't found. So, it's not over, Daniel. So, you keep listening. Listen real hard, so Bodi will know you're trying to hear him.

(Bodi is being cut into by lasers. They are tearing away at the surface shield.)
Scientist: We've reached an apparent null. I'll reduce the power.
Shandray: Just keep cooking it.

(Eco-Warrior Cave)
(Jason and Tara are the only one's still awake. They've just had a swim.)
Tara: I'm so happy here. We're all gonna be very happy here.
Jason: Tara, I know what you've found here, but the rest of us, we gotta move on.
Tara: No.
Jason: We left the orphanage with a purpose.
Tara: To find Daniel, and now Daniel's safe. We're all safe. This is our home. But Bodi is gone. He's gone.
Jason: I can't believe you're saying that.
Tara: It's just better forgotten. (she gets up and walks away)
Jason: What do you mean forgot? What do you know? Come on, Tara! (gets up and goes over to her) Come on, Tara. We all oathed that there'd never be secrets.
Tara: But I oathed to my father too.
Jason: And that means more? Where's the sphere?
Tara: His men said they took it to the Protectorate Aquabunker.
Jason: The what?
Tara: The Aquabunker. It's where they control the water. Jason, they're gonna destroy it.
Jason: (turns away) Won't happen.
Tara: What?
Jason: You heard me. I said it won't be destroyed.
(Tara walks over to him and kisses him.)

(The guys are all quietly sneaking out.)
Tara: Hey! Hey! It's stupid to go like this!
Jason: Tara, this is our choice, we made the decision, and we're going.
Tara: Well, then maybe this will help. (tosses something to Metron.)
(Metron looks it over.)
Metron: It's plans to the Aquabunker.
Tara: Let's go, come on!
Rabbit: All right!

(Outside The Gates)
(The guys skate up and look in awe at the place. It's huge.)
Tug: Awesome.
Rabbit: Are you sure we've got the right place?
(Daniel skates up and listens. He can faintly hear Bodi.)
Daniel: Bodi.

(Lab)(Bodi is still being 'cooked'.)
Shandray: Enough. It's ready. (The lasers are turned off.) The fusion lasers have greatly weakened the surface shield. Now it gets interesting. We lock it down, and disembowel it. (to unseen person) It's all yours. (A giant machine comes up.) Gentlemen, this is Terminack. He's a multi-capable masterpiece. He can squeeze the color from a ruby, or deathly pluck the eye from a living bird. And he's been programmed to enjoy what he does. Terminack can actually see the molecular structure. He'll find the flaw and punch home.

(Outside the Gates)
(Metron skates up with a huge pole in his hand. When his reaches the gate he uses the pole to vault over. He lands hard on the other side.)
Jason: He's in.

(The Gates)
(Metron goes over to a circuit box nearby and opens it. He begins pulling out wires.)
Metron: Uh, gates…main gates! (he pulls out a wire and the gates begin to open.)

(Outside the Gates)
Jason: He's got the gates, let's go.
Tug: Yeah!
Rabbit: All right!

(The Gates)
(Dogs begin to start barking from their cages.)
Metron: Ah…dogs. (he pulls another wire and the doors to the dogs cages swing shut.)
(The gates open all the way, then begin to close again. A guard spots Metron.)
Guard: Hey what are you doing down there? (to other guard) Come on! Let's get him!
(They head for the metal staircase.)
Metron: (pulls out a bunch of wires) Stay hello to Sparky!
(He holds the wire to the rail of the staircase and the guards are electrocuted. Jason skates up to him.)
Metron: Where's Daniel?
Jason: He's coming.
(Everyone is through the gates but Daniel. He's almost out of time.)
Metron: Daniel hurry!
Tara: Daniel!
(Daniel squeezes through the gates just in time.)
Jason: Okay, let's go!

(Terminack is through examining Bodi. He pulls out a tray of trills and selects one.)
Shandray: Terminack's obviously impressed. A carbon cobalt bit. Now, he'll drive it right to the heart.

(The guys have reached ladder and quickly begin going up.)
Jason: Come on!
Tara: Be careful, Daniel.
(They spot the dogs heading for them.
Metron: Come on, let's go!
(Jason is the last one up the ladder, and the dogs get his skate. It's trying to pull him down.)
Tug: Come on, Jason!
Tara: Jason!
(Jason finally shakes the dog lose and finishes climbing up the ladder.)

Metron: You okay?
(They are now in a hallway. As Jason climbs off of the ladder a trooper runs over to them.)
Trooper: All right! Hold it right there! Get your hands up! Who are you? How'd you get in here? Come on, who are you?
Tug: (From behind the trooper) Hello.
(The guard turns and they push him down the ladder shaft. Jason picks up the guards weapon.)
Jason: Let's move.
(They skate down the hallway. They pass Darstar who's in a cage.)
Darstar: Hey, Jason! Over here!
(Jason comes over and looks at the lock.)
Jason: Stand back.
(Darstar backs up into a corner of the cage. Jason fires the weapon and breaks the lock. He opens the cage door, and Darstar goes with them.)

(The Lab)
(Terminack is still drilling into Bodi. But suddenly the cobalt bit breaks. And Shards fly at Grocks face, cutting it.)
Shandray: Impossible! (The Solarbabies enter) Sound the alarm! Do something!
(Everyone starts fighting.)
Tug: The robot!
(They smash one of it's eyes.)
Metron: The whip, Jason, the whip!
Jason: Get the eye!
(Metron smashes the other eye.)
Jason: Cover your back, Rabbit!
Computer: Yellow Alert! Yellow Alert! Activate all manual overrides. We have a total malfunction on all circuit controls. Repeat, we have a total malfunction on all circuit controls.
(Gavial gets into a position to shoot Daniel.)
Gavial: Say bye-b…(he's tackled by Jason)
Rabbit: Hey, Tara, behind you!
Tug: I got this one!
(Daniel goes over to Bodi, who quickly heals himself. He picks up Bodi and turns to find himself face to face with Shandray. She grabs Bodi and tries to take him from Daniel, but Bodi is having none of that, and her hands burst into flames. She backs up into a control panel and electrocutes herself. Daniel backs up away from her, and he's grabbed by Grock.)
Grock: Oh, my hell. Is this your ball?
(More fighting, then Terminack, now blind, latches onto Grocks arm. Grock screams and releases Daniel. Grock is lifted off his feet.)
Gavial: Grock! Grock!
(Terminack does something to Grock, and when he's dropped to the ground, he's dead.)
Computer: Red Alert! Red Alert! Evacuate!
(Bodi becomes sort of misty and Daniel follows him.)
Daniel: Come on, you guys. Come on!
Computer: Close auto-locks.
Jason: Daniel! Follow Daniel!
Metron: This place is gonna blow!
(They all very quickly exit the lab and head for the exit of the Aquabunker. They make it outside and onto a hill overlooking the Aquabunker. Suddenly the water breaks through the outer wall. They all stand watching it pour out. As it does, a mist seems to rise from the water and hover in the air.)
Tug: What the hell is that?
Tara: It's a thundercloud. It's a real thundercloud.
Rabbit: Wow! It's inspirational.
Tug: So, that's a thunderstorm.
Jason: It's more than just a thunderstorm. The water's free again. It's free.
Daniel: (looks down at Bodi) Look, Bodi is better. He's glowing.
(Rabbit goes to touch Bodi, but Bodi disappears.)
Daniel: Where's Bodi? He's gone.
Rabbit: He's left us.
Jason: (looking up) No, look. (they all do, and see that Bodi is all around them)
Daniel: He's all around us.
(They all laugh.)
Rabbit: Wow!
(Bodi then gathers himself together, swirling, and moving with light. Moving higher and higher into the sky.)
Metron: Look!
(They all look and see Bodi shooting back into the stars from which he came.
(Daniel waves good-bye. Tara goes over to him and Daniel holds out his hand and it's got the blue light in it. It jumps into Tara's hand, just like before. It goes from Tara to Darstar, Darstar to Metron, Metron to Jason, Jason to Tug, Tug to Rabbit, and Rabbit back to Daniel. They are all connected.)
Jason: He hasn't left us.
Tara: He'll always be with us.
(They all stand there for a moment, connected to each other.)

(The Solarbabies run down the beach, taking of their socks and shoes, running towards the ocean. When the get close enough they run into the water. Darstar sits off to the side, but the guys motion for him to come over, so he tosses off his shirt and dives into the water and swims over to them. They form a circle and put their hands together. They go under the water, and then jump up with their hands still connected. Later, Jason and Tara share a kiss. THE END.)

Theme Song:
…Louder than thunder
Your heart is crying out
Don't you know you know that now you're standing
In the danger zone.
But love won't leave you
To ever stand alone
Love will set you free
Love will set you free

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