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2nd Battalion 47th Infantry Vietnam Site Index

Latest Update: May 25, 2013

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The 2nd Battalion 47th Infantry Vietnam In Pictures (47 Pages)

If you can identify anyone in these pictures, please contact Bob Pries

I will be adding pages dedicated to the distinguished service of the men who served with the 2/47th Infantry, Vietnam. If you have some one you believe should be recognized, please contact Bob Pries


2/47 KIAs (3 Pages)
2/47 Basic Training - Ft. Riley, KS (7 Pages)
The Journey (3 Pages)
The Arrival
Bear Cat (18 Pages)
2/47 Photos(7 Pages)
Vung Tau (4 Pages)
Tour End (7 Pages)
What Do You Do With A 1,000 lb. Bomb Crater?
2/47 Area of Operation (AO) Map - Binh Phuoc Area
2/47 Area of Operation (AO) Map - Bear Cat Area
1999 2/47 Panther Reunion Photos ( 5 Pages)
2001 2/47 Panther Reunion Photos ( 11 Pages)
Aerial Photo of Binh Phuoc Early 1970
2/47 Unit Activity Vietnam