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The truth about
Unidentified Flying Objects

Do you believe in the existence of extra-terrestrials? Mulder does. And perhaps he has some very good reasons for doing so.

I feel that I must inform the reader that while I do believe that life exists outside our planet/solar system, I am not entirely convinced that we have been “visited.” In fact, the more that I study the subject, the less convinced I become. And so, if you are a staunch believer, beware, this page my not be to your tastes.

Did you know that the Belgium government has admitted to attempting to chase down UFO's, unsuccessfully of course. The American government has never made such an announcement, but has released papers are filled with reports of strange objects hovering near our nuclear stations and other place of military importance. What are they? Russian Spy Planes...I think not! But if we ever want to find out for sure, we must become knowledgeable about just what strange phenomena is occurring in the skies across the world.

Each and every year the United States of America releases more information* about their understanding of strange phenomena and UFO's. Yet the American people have to fight for every scrap of information (or as others feel, evidence) that they receive. What is out there that our government is so afraid of revealing. Do aliens really exist? Perhaps you should read the actual government documents that have been released so far a judge for yourself.

*via Freedom of Information Act

(An interesting note: The term Flying Saucer was first coined by the original witness, a pilot, who is quoted as describing the UFO's as [looking] "like saucers if you skipped them across water" in 1947.)

The following excerpts came from an article published in the New York Times on January 14, 1979.

Phoenix, Jan. 13-Documents obtained in a lawsuit against the Central Intelligence Agency show that the agency is secretly involved in the surveillance of unidentified flying objects and has been since 1949, an Arizona-based UFO group said yesterday.

The CIA has repeatedly said that it investigated and closed its books on UFO’s during 1952, according to Ground Saucer Watch, a nation-wide research organization of about 500 scientists, engineers and others who seek to scientifically prove or disprove the existence of UFO’s but 1,000 pages of documents, obtained under a freedom of information suit, show “the Government has been lying to us all these years,” it said.

“After reviewing the documents, Ground Saucer Watch believes that UFO’s exist, they are real, the US Government has been totally untruthful and the cover-up is massive,” William Spaulding, head of the group said. … Among the documents are several detailed reports of Air Force attempts to either intercept or destroy UFO’s. …

Mr. Spaulding says the documents show that there are links and patterns in the sightings. From the evidence, he says, he believes UFO’s are here on surveillance missions. “We find a concentration of sightings around our military installations, research and development areas,” he said. …

Mr. Spaulding said he has sworn statements from retired Air Force colonels that at least two UFO'’ have crashed and been recovered by the Air Force. One crash, he said was in Mexico in 1948 and the other was near Kingman, Arizona, in 1953. He said the retired officers claimed they got a glimpse of dead aliens who were in both cases about four feet tall with silverish complexions and wearing silver outfits that “seemed fused to the body from the heat.

Mr. Spaulding and his group is waiting now for a Federal judge to rule on the last phase of its CIA suit, which seeks access to 57 items that would provide “hard evidence” of UFO’s or “retrievals of the third kind.” That evidence includes motion pictures, gun camera film and residue from landings, he said. …1

And here is another little snippet published in several newspapers, including the Washington Post, the Denver Post, and the New York Post. This article was written by Ward Sinclair and Art Harris.

During two weeks in 1975, a string of the nation’s supersensitive nuclear missile launch sites and bomber bases were visited by unidentified low-flying and elusive objects, according to Defense Department reports.

The sightings, made visually and on radar by air and ground crews and sabotage-alert forces, occurred at installations in Montana, Michigan and Main, and led to extensive but unsuccessful Air Force attempts to track and detain the objects.

Air Force and Defense Department records variously describe the objects as helicopters, aircraft, unknown entities and brightly light, fast-moving vehicles that hovered over nuclear weapons storage areas and evaded all pursuit efforts.

In several instances, after base security had been penetrated, the Air Force sent fighter planes and airborne command planes aloft to carry on the unsuccessful pursuit. The records do not indicate if the fighters fired on the intruders. …

Yet another Air Force intelligence report indicated extensive interest in a 1976 incident over Iran, when two Iranian Air Force F-4 Phantom fighter planes were scrambled to encounter a brightly lighted object in the skies near Tehran. …1

1Taken from UFO’s, The Public Deceived written by Philip J. Klass (1983).

Now these are admittedly somewhat sensational. However, they do beg the question.

*Special thanks to Alternagoth for this information.

The First Kind - observing lights in the sky or other UFO

The Second Kind - seeing aliens or evidence of aliens

The Third Kind - communicating with aliens

The Fourth Kind - alien abduction

The Fifth Kind - human initiated contact

UFOlogical Principles

  • UFOlogical Principle 1: Basically honest and intelligent persons who are suddenly exposed to a brief, unexpected event, especially one that involves an unfamiliar object, may be grossly inaccurate in trying to describe precisely what they have seen.

  • UFOlogical Principle 2: Despite the intrinsic limitations of human perception when exposed to brief, unexpected and unusual events, some details recalled by the observer may be reasonably accurate. The problem facing the UFO investigator s to try to distinguish between those details that are accurate and those that are grossly inaccurate. This may be impossible until the true identity of the UFO can be determined; in some cases this poses an insoluble problem.

  • UFOlogical Principle 3: If a person observing an unusual or unfamiliar object concludes that it is probably a spaceship from another world, he can readily adduce that the object is reacting to his presence or actions, when in reality there is absolutely no cause-effect relationship.

  • UFOlogical Principle 4: News media that give great prominence to a UFO report when it is first received subsequently devote little, if any, space or time to reporting a prosaic explanation for the case after the facts are uncovered.

  • UFOlogical Principle 5: No human observer, including experienced flight crews, can accurately estimate either the distance/altitude or the size of an unfamiliar object in the sky, unless it is in very close proximity to a familiar object whose size or altitude is known.

  • UFOlogical Principle 6: Once news coverage leads the public to believe that UFOs may be in the vicinity, there are numerous natural and manmade objects which, especially when seen at night, can take on unusual characteristics in the minds of hopeful viewers. Their UFO reports in turn add to the mass excitement, which encourages still more observers to watch for UFOs. This situation feeds upon itself until such time as the media lose interest in the subject, and then the “flap” quickly runs out of steam.

  • UFOlogical Principle 7: In attempting to determine whether a UFO report is a hoax, and investigator should rely on physical evidence or the lack of it where evidence should exist, and should not depend on character endorsements of the principals involved.

  • UFOlogical Principle 8: The inability of even experienced investigators to fully and positively explain a UFO report for lack of sufficient information, even after a rigorous effort, does not really provide evidence to support the hypothesis that spaceships form other worlds are visiting the earth.

  • UFOlogical Principle 9: When a light is sighted in the night skies that is believed to be a UFO and it is reported to a radar operator, who is asked to search his scope for an unknown target, almost invariably an “unknown” target will be found. Conversely, if an unusual target is spotted on a radar scope at night that is suspected of being a UFO, and an observer is dispatched or asked to search for a light in the night sky, almost invariably a visual sighting will be made.

  • UFOlogical Principle 10: Many UFO cases seem puzzling and unexplainable simply because case investigators have failed to devote a sufficiently rigorous effort to the investigation.

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