Tip #4-Adding Sounds to Your Web Page

There are many methods for adding sound to Web pages. Traditionally, the two leading formats have been Midi and Wave, identified by the file suffixes .mid and .wav, respectively. The hot new format is MP3. The Windows 95 standard is Wave, but there are many fans of Midi (pronounced middy). There are many files stored at various Web sites in these formats. Making your own music is relatively simple, especially in Midi format. Many electronic musical keyboards produce Midi output. In addition, there are quite a few programs that allow you to make music (after a fashion) directly from your keyboard.

The piece you heard when you loaded this page was produced in that way in minutes. If you are using Netscape's Navigator browser it should automatically play one time, but if you are using Microsoft's Internet Explorer it will play continuously. If you get sick of it, hit the "Stop" button on your IE "Standard Buttons" bar.

To find out about how to add sound to your Web sites check out the tutorials at

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