Dream of: 29 November 1987 "Dream Salad"

I had arrived at a woman's house where I had been invited to share a meal with the woman and some of her friends. A mutual friend of both the woman and I had brought me to the woman's house. I had never met the woman before. She was tall and shapely and had black hair which fell to her shoulders. She was probably in her mid 30s. We were in the kitchen where the woman was busily preparing something to eat.

I sat down at a large kitchen table and the woman sat down across from me at an angle to my right. Probably three or four other people were at the table. One was a man who reminded me somewhat of Donnie Craft (a classmate from junior high school). He seemed rather obtuse and it was difficult for me to think of any way to really communicate with him. I did want to communicate with the others, but I wasn't really certain what to say. Finally I turned to the woman and said, "What did you dream about last night?"

Everyone seemed a bit surprised by my question, but the conversation began to focus on dreams. No one else except the woman seemed to remember what he had dreamed the previous night. I thought I could probably tell them about one of my dreams, since I seemed to recall having had around four dreams the previous night. But I had only written one, and I couldn't seem to remember that one at all. In fact I only seemed to remember one in which a woman had been performing felatio on me and I had ejaculated in her mouth. That certainly didn't seem to be an appropriate dream to be bringing up there at the table.


The woman had given me a sack with a salad mixed up in it. The salad was actually her dream, and as I ate pieces of it, different images of her dream appeared in my mind. It was very enjoyable. There was lettuce, tomatoes, cauliflower and I even picked up a piece of fruit which looked like a tangerine which added some zesto to the dream. The images were very clear to me and the dream made sense, although I realized I was eating the random pieces of the salad and therefore might have to rearrange the dream in order when I was finished. Part of the dream seemed to have something to do with the French language and I had the feeling that someone there spoke French and that I might later be able to talk with that person in French.


It seemed to me as  if the woman might be interested in getting married to someone, and I thought about the possibility of my marrying her. But I really didn't want to get married to anyone. I might like to be her friend, but I felt certain I didn't want to get married.


I had walked out onto a verandah of the house which overlooked a large river which reminded me of the Ohio River. I had seen the river earlier, but it had been much lower. It now seemed to be rising rather quickly. The water had even reached some concrete levies along the river's side. It appeared the water was rising due to some recent rains, and in fact a drizzle still seemed to be hanging in the air.

Finally I noticed some large logs floating down the river. They were peculiar because they seemed to be floating almost right on top of the water, rather than mostly submerged as they would usually be. Another fellow had walked out there with me and I pointed the logs out to him.

He pointed out to me a black object submerged in the water and moving upstream. He said it was a submarine and I immediately recognized it was indeed a submarine. It was headed for a barge and it looked as if it were going to ram into it. But it went right underneath the barge without incident. It seemed as if I had seen a submarine before in this river.


Finally I walked out onto a wooden porch deck on the side of the house. It had a large circular walkway and appeared to be empty in the center. I liked the configuration of it. From there I could look far downstream at the river, and suddenly, in the far distance, I could clearly see a funnel cloud. I immediately turned back to the house and hollered out, "Tornado."

I ran back into the house and a fellow from inside accompanied me back out. Now there were four funnel clouds, although they weren't quite as distinct as the first one had been. I expressed my alarm to the other fellow and he said we would still be able to go outside. I thought perhaps we should all go to the basement. I had been down there before.

I walked back into the kitchen and thinking about the rain and the tornado, I turned to the woman and sarcastically quipped, "This is really a nice day to be meeting, isn't it."

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