Dream of: 28 November 1987 "Dreams In The Attic"

I was in a crowd of mostly young people, many probably in their teens. Everyone seemed to be carrying guns, most of which appeared to be sophisticated automatic weapons. We were all milling around the outside of a large house. As I walked past a couple young fellows, I commented about how dangerous it would be if someone began shooting now. The whole place would probably erupt in shooting.

I would really like to get into the house, which appeared to be empty, but was all locked up. Finally as I was walking behind the house and no one else was around, I noticed behind some bushes a small basement window which had been opened. In a flash I squeezed through the window and once inside I closed it and set a concrete block against it so no one else could get in.

I was in the basement, and although I couldn't see anyone, I could hear a man's voice somewhere in the darkness speaking very calmly. He seemed to be describing antique tables in the house and almost sounded like a tour guide.

I remembered I had been in this house once before. I remembered there was a hidden area either under the floor of the attic or in the wall of the attic where I had once been and had discovered some dreams which someone had written down. I wanted to head up there and try to find some spot of safety there where I could look at the dreams.

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