Dream of: 25 November 1987 "Ancient Custom"

I was on the floor lying next to LaBrie (a female Dallas acquaintance), on my left. I was telling her about how I had recently been involved with seeing a woman who attracted me very much and every time after I would see her I would come home and feel like masturbating. I told LaBrie I had never masturbated, even though the pressure had been steadily mounting. But then I added, "But I will."

LaBrie seemed happy to hear I hadn't masturbated and she suddenly put her hand on my chest as if to shake hands with me. Actually I was completely nude and her hand was only a few centimeters above my pubic area. I mentioned something about her hand being awfully close to "down there." Then finally I took her hand and shook it.

It seemed that LaBrie and I hadn't been getting along well together lately, but that we had  finally made up. She heaved a sigh. I was glad we were making up, but I was just a bit apprehensive because I was afraid she wanted to have sex with me and I didn't want to have sex with her. I would almost do it, just so we could get along, even though I wouldn't want to. But just when I thought I wasn't going to have to, I could detect that her hand had gradually moved closer to my penis. I decided to just let her put her hand on my penis if she wanted to. Perhaps she even wanted to masturbate me. But finally -- as if to say she thought the man rather than the woman should be the aggressive one -- she said she was "a little sad to remind, that the ancient custom was supposed to come up from the spine."

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