Dream of: 12 November 1987 "I've Seen The Light, Lord"

A virile-looking man was teaching a classroom full of students, including myself. Even though I wasn't paying much attention to the lesson, I enjoyed sitting in the classroom.

I was aware that someone in the class was either singing or reciting a poem, but I was unprepared when the teacher walked up to me and asked me to repeat the song which had just been sung. I stood up and tried to remember what I had just heard. I knew what the song was about. It was a religious song which I thought was titled "I've Seen the Light." I ransacked my memory for the words, which seemed to be, "No more suffering ... I'm so happy ... I've seen the light, Lord, I've see the light."

Before I could respond to the teacher, he asked a woman sitting near me to recite the song. She first hesitated, then said something about the song's having been written in a style similar to earlier songs. The teacher, however, replied that the song was unique, and that it hadn't be written like any earlier songs.

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