Dream of: 09 November 1987 "Playing Monopoly"

Herrera (a Dallas attorney) and I were playing a game of monopoly and I mentioned something about how I normally didn't want the other fellow to move because he might land on property which he could buy. He rolled three dice, and three ones came up. He was on the second side of the board, three spaces from the jail space, and so moved his piece to that space. Since he had rolled triples, I told him he had to roll again. He didn't want to, but he did.

He rolled a seven, which put him on the yellow-colored property on the far side of the board. I owned that property and had a hotel on the property on which he had landed. I told him he owed me over $1,500. But he didn't have any money and he wanted to work out some kind of deal with me. I adamantly told him I wanted cash and that he would have to mortgage some of his property. He said he was becoming irate.

He then said he was thinking of leaving Dallas. I could tell that he was upset about losing this game, and that was probably why he wanted to leave Dallas. I reflected about how strange it was that these games could sometimes affect our whole lives.

He began turning over his property cards to mortgage his property. I still didn't think he was going to have enough money to pay me.

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