Dream of: 04 November 1987 (2) "Possible Life Sentence"

conviction in one's

destiny will often prove

a source of freedom

I was in a prison cell with four or five other people. Apparently I had murdered someone. My sentence had not yet been passed, but I would probably be given a life sentence. I was lying on a bed and was talking with the other people about my situation. I was upset because I had been in jail before and the idea of being here again was very unpleasant. Nevertheless, it looked as if I were going to be here.

I mentioned that it was possible that I might not be given a life sentence and that I might only be given twenty years. I thought I would be able to be released after having served a third of my sentence and possibly might even be able to get out after having served even less than a third. I figured I should do some legal research on the subject and I asked if there was a good law library in the prison. The others seemed to think there was.

After being temporarily released from jail, I found myself riding along in the back seat of a car in which Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan were sitting in the front seat. I was not exactly sure why I was with them, but we continued along for a couple hours.

Finally, Ronald was in the back seat with me. With him he had a little boy (about 2 years old) who was Reagan's grandson. The boy had dirt all over him and on his face, and he smeared some dirt on Reagan. Reagan fed the child some cake and some soda.

It occurred to me that Reagan could help me be permanently released from jail if I would befriend him. With me I had a thick book all about Reagan. I leafed through the book, but Reagan did not seem interested in talking with me about anything.

Finally, Nancy, still in the front seat, turned around, looked at me and asked me about the homosexuals in prison. I explained to her that I had been in prison once before and I had never had any encounters with homosexuals there. I had never even been approached by a homosexual in prison, although I had heard that that kind of activity occurred. I told her it might sound surprising to her that I had never had any homosexual encounters in prison. She said she was not surprised because she thought prisons had changed.

I then told her that the first time I had been in prison was in Iran and I had been there for eight months. This time I had only been in prison for two days so far.

I seemed to be talking articulately and Nancy seemed to be impressed as she listened to me. Finally she turned back around and I once again began watching Ronald. I leafed through the book again hoping I might be able to talk to Ronald and befriend him in some way, but I did not know what to say to him.

I saw a chapter in the book about Ronald's attitudes on abortion. Since I knew he was against abortion, I felt like saying, "I'm against abortion" just to get on his good side, but I thought he might be able to check that out and find out that was not true.

I thought about telling him that I had voted for him, but I thought he had the power to send someone out to check the records to find that that was not true.

I realized he had so much power, but he did not seem interested in using it. He just seemed like a tired, old man only interested in playing with his grandchild.

We then passed the prison and I saw how dismal it looked. I knew I was going to have to return there. Believing that I was going to have to be spending all that time in that prison was difficult.

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