Dream of: 04 November 1987 "Exhibitionist"

I was at my mother's house visiting her. It was late and night and she had already gone to be. I walked around looking for the kitchen, but it was so dark, I couldn't find it. I clicked some light switches, but no light came on. I was slightly alarmed, because I didn't recognize the area where I was, and I wondered how I could be in my mother's house and still not recognize it.

Finally I noticed a light shinning through a window and I looked through it. I could see the neighboring house. One of the house's upstairs windows appeared to be made from stained glass and had the word "Pepsi" written on it.

I also had a radio turned on and I heard someone on the radio talking about having recently had a Pepsi window put in his house. I think the window on the neighboring house might be the window the person was talking abut.

But it looked as if someone was presently working on the window, because it was moving. A black-haired woman was trying to install the window in place. I lay down on my back so I could stare up at her. She was wearing a heavy blue nightgown. She wasn't very attractive, but I found it intriguing to watch her without her knowing I was watching. But finally I noticed that the light was shining on me and that the woman appeared to be looking in my direction. I thought she might be able to see me, so I moved back into the shadows.

But then it struck me that it might be interesting for me to get up and, acting as if I didn't see the woman, turn on the light and stand naked in front of the window. It seemed that that would be an erotic thing to do. I stood and walked over to the light switch. I flipped the switch, but the light wouldn't come on. It seemed to me that a fuse must be burned out, because I remembered the same kind of thing having happened once before and my mother had gone down to the basement to change a fuse. I thought maybe I could wake up my mother to see about changing the fuse.

Then I looked back at the upstairs window next door and saw that the light had been turned out there. It was going to be too late for me to perform my exhibitionist act.

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