Dream of: 16 October 1987 (2) "Visiting Europe"

I was planning to travel to Europe with two fellows who were brothers, one of whom was probably only in his late teens while the other was probably in his early 30s. I gave them a call to find out if they were going to be traveling light so we could move around a lot or if they were going to be taking suitcases. It sounded as if they were thinking about taking suitcases.


The three of us were on a plane, except we appeared to be out on the wing and I was hanging on precariously. The older brother said he would like to land at JFK airport, but he didn't seem to know exactly where that was. I told him that was where we were going and that it wasn't far away. I pointed out that the plane had already leveled off and we weren't very high. Therefore we would soon be landing at JFK, which I said was is the airport of a small country in the middle of Europe. I had been there before.


We had landed at the airport and were walking around in what looked like a big hangar. German was spoken there and I said to the other two, "Hier spricht man deutsch."

It suddenly occurred to me that the younger fellow spoke pretty good German and that we therefore would be able to talk in German while we were here. It appeared that the older brother also spoke some German and that he was willing to speak German. That would certainly enhance my stay since I enjoyed speaking German so much.

A car rental place was there and I saw some people inside who I had seen earlier on the plane. A couple women were together and they seemed to have dyed their hair blue.

A sign said that cars could be rented for $46 a day, which included the cost of new red tires, although I wasn't sure what that meant. The sign said they accepted Mastercard, Visa and American Express. Since I no longer had any credit cards, if we wanted a car, one of the others would have to use a credit card. But I didn't think either of them had one. So if we traveled, we would probably have to go by train, although it would have probably been cheaper to have rented a car.

I had been in this country before and I had even stayed here. I walked into a book store to buy a magazine which would show ads of rooms for rent. I saw some German magazines, including Stern. Finally I saw the magazine I was looking for and I got a copy.

I looked to the classified section and saw some ads, but I didn't seem to be able to find exactly what I was looking for regarding rooms for rent.

I was also wondering about exactly what we were going to do together here. The other two might want to go to some night clubs and drink some alcohol and try to pick up women. I certainly had no intention of drinking any alcohol. And I didn't want to pick up women. But I might go with them anyway and if I did meet some women, it didn't necessarily mean I had to have sex with them.

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