Dream of: 14 October 1987 "Venezuelan Boy"

I was riding on a bicycle. Also sitting on the bicycle was a 5 year-old boy from Venezuela. As I talked with him, I realized I had been thinking about adopting a child from South America. I looked him over and I thought I might even like to adopt him. I noticed his teeth looked as if they might not have been well-cared for. I thought about asking him to open his mouth so I could see his teeth better.

He hung backwards over the handle bars. I felt sorry for him, but I really didn't think I would be happy with him if I kept him.

We were in Portsmouth and as we approached the underpass on Offnere Street, we were walking. We were ready to go under what looked like a little tunnel under the underpass, when I saw someone in the tunnel and I didn't want to go that way. There was another tunnel on the other side and I said, "Let's go over to the other one."

We went over to other tunnel, but someone was also in it. So both the boy and I ran into a yard next to the underpass, so we could cross over the railroad tracks on top of the underpass. A house was right next to the underpass and a man was sitting there on the porch. I hollered to him, "Call the police! Call the police!"

He didn't seem to hear me. I thought the men in the tunnels were probably thugs trying to grab us. The boy and I ran out into the street.


The boy and I had been captured and were standing in the living room of a house. Two men, one older and one younger, were standing in the room asking us questions. Finally I realized the younger man was a district attorney and that he had been trying to have the boy arrested. I couldn't believe the district attorney was wasting his time with things like this and I began laughing.

A door knob with the long steel piece that goes into a door was lying there and I picked it up. I held the knob in my hand and suddenly I stabbed the steel piece toward the younger man, while I said something to him, letting him know what disdain I had for his doing that kind of work. The older man also seemed disdainful of the younger man. The younger man was apparently not going to do anything, so the boy and I walked together out of the room.

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