Dream of: 11 October 1987 "Sense Of Patience"

I was in a house and in the next room (a dining room) some black people were bringing in a bunch of ice cream and other sweet delicacies which I had ordered. There were bowls of ice cream, chocolates and cream-filled candies. When the black people had finished bringing in the food, they sat down and began eating some. I said something and left. I then returned and when I found they had eaten a great deal of the food, I went on a rampage and told them everything they had eaten was going to have to be replaced.

They seemed surprised and shocked at first, but then they began clearing things up. The room was also is disorder. Another group of black people came in and began arranging the furniture.

I walked back into the next room, where I had some guests. I began talking to them and soothing them. I also ate a cookie with some cream in it which I liked. It seemed that I had experienced this kind of situation before and that other people realized they could relax because I would be the one to take care of the matter. A woman said to me, "I have a complete sense of patience that this thing'll get done without you interfering."

I said, "That's because I generate that sense of patience."

My father and someone else were nearby, and they began laughing.

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