Dream of: 10 October 1987 (2) "Coming Apocalypse"

I appeared to be on a bus riding through the streets of Dallas. A large festival appeared to be going on outside. It wasn't entirely clear to me what I was doing, although it appeared that I was on some kind of mission. I looked out the window, directly to my right, and noticed a lot of people sitting on what might be a wagon. Most people appeared to be in their early 20s and appeared to be drinking something alcoholic. One fellow had a couple women sitting next to him and I could hear them commenting about his new, green, short-sleeved shirt.

One blonde-haired woman (probably in her mid 20s) sitting on the wagon was quite beautiful. She was wearing a pair of very short shorts. She had her legs bent so I could clearly see some of her pubic hairs in front. We passed on by and I could see that she was now bent over so that, looking at her from the back, I could even see her vagina. I wanted to continue looking at her, and perhaps even get off the bus, but I knew I was in the process of doing something important and I didn't have time for that. 


I was with a group of people in a mini bus going through the streets of Dallas just north of the county courthouse. It appeared to me that I had been in this situation before and that I knew what was about to happen. A gigantic battle was about to take place and the world was on the verge of coming to an end.

I was involved with some highly developed beings and I myself was a highly developed being, although I hadn't yet fully developed and was even now in the process of going through some very rapid development. I was experiencing very dramatic and rapid changes which were evolving my mental capacities, especially my capacities to detect other enemy beings who were about to attack us.

Some other highly developed beings and I were headed toward a building which had an underground section which we could enter. In that section was some kind of transport system in which we could be taken off this planet.

I noticed myself in a mirror which I passed. My hair was short. I could perceive that I was developing my abilities to detect enemy beings around us. About 10 of us were there on the mini bus and most of the people on the bus were joking and having fun, but a couple of us, myself included, weren't joking around, even though we realized that joking and having fun was part of what we were involved with. The nature of some of us, such as myself, was to be calm and quiet, because we were protectors.

One fellow in particular, who almost seemed like a phantom, sitting across from me, was very calm and quiet and reminded me somewhat of myself.

I suddenly realized the developments which I was now undergoing should soon allow me to communicate directly with another person's mind. I began trying to communicate directly with the fellow across from me, trying to read his mind and trying to let him read my mind.


My companions and I were walking through the streets amidst a gigantic crowd of ordinary people and we were still trying to reach the building, although it was becoming clear that it was going to be difficult. The enemy beings were also supposed to be in the crowd, but they looked like ordinary people. Up until now, we had had orders only to shoot enemy beings when we were positive that they were actually enemy beings, but now it was becoming clear that the ordinary people were going to be destroyed anyway, so the order was given to shoot enemy beings even if we just had a mere suspicion that they were enemy beings.

I was carrying a weapon in my hand, although it didn't really seem like a weapon. If I pointed the weapon at someone and shot, something would happen, although I wasn't really sure exactly what. I wasn't yet confident about using the weapon, but suddenly I saw someone who appeared so grotesque to me, I was sure it was an enemy being. I was able to detect that the person was an enemy being because of my special powers, although other people couldn't recognize the enemy being as such.

I pointed my weapon at the person and shot. I was unsure if a pellet went into the person or what, but I felt that after I had shot, the being had been neutralized.

I saw several other ugly enemy beings and shot them also. Suddenly the order was given and we began running toward the building. Even as I ran, the image of the woman and her vagina crossed my mind, but I quickly erased it and I headed on. I realized that when we reached the building, we were going to have to fight a terrific battle in order to reach our transport system. The enemy beings had gained some strength.

Plus the normal human beings around here had realized we were headed for somewhere and they wanted to know where we are going. They realized they were also in big trouble because of the coming apocalypse. It appeared that we might also have to eliminate some of the normal people if they got in our way.

We finally reached the building, which had a glass front. I felt as if my powers of detection were fully developed and I wouldn't have any more problem detecting the enemy being. There was about to be a very intense battle.

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