Dream of: 10 October 1987 "Woody Allen Movie"

I was passing through Columbus, Ohio and since I thought I might be there for a few hours, I considered going to a movie. I looked through the movie section of a newspaper and saw a movie with Woody Allen advertised for only 35 cents. It appeared to be on the same theme as The Godfather, except Allen was going to play the part of the godfather. The ad said the movie was extremely good and I thought I would like to see it. It started about 9:30 p.m. Since it was still afternoon, I thought I might go to a couple other movies first.

As I continued looking through the movie section, Steve Weinstein (my best friend in my teen years) crossed my mind and I thought about how he often went to movies. I basically thought, "I've gone to a lot of movies in my life and they've kind of formed like a reservoir of ideas in my mind. But it seems like I have not worked with that reservoir quite as well as Weinstein might be working with his reservoir of movie themes that are in his mind."

I could see the movies in my mind held much creative potential, but I hadn't yet seemed to grasp onto them.


I had rented a small yellow car which I thought I would be able to drive around to the different movie theaters. I looked at the address of one movie theater which was on State Street. It suddenly occurred to me that Sue lived in Columbus and that she lived on State Street. I thought perhaps I would go see Sue, but I hesitated because I hadn't called her first and I thought simply showing up would probably be embarrassing. I continued thinking about it.


On a bicycle, I pulled up in front of a large old brick house where Sue lived. Standing on the front porch, she didn't look like Sue. She was a short woman with kinky brown hair. When I noticed she had stacked something on the front porch, I thought she might have been doing some wash. She appeared to be wearing a gray tee shirt and a pair of pants.

When I nonchalantly said something to her, she seemed surprised to see me. We began talking and I told her I realized I hadn't written to her in a long time. I went on to explain that that didn't mean I hadn't been thinking about her. I explained that I simply went through stages when I might not write for a while, but then I might write a whole lot all at once.

I had never actually seen Sue in person and I was actually a bit embarrassed being there with her. At the same time, I felt an extremely strong, almost magnetic force drawing me toward Sue, even while feeling as if I wanted to get away from her. I was unsure she even wanted me around or whether I should be around her.

All the while I was standing up on the bicycle with it between my legs. Finally Sue walked over close to me and began talking. She said several things, mentioned her mother, talked about kissing and said something about a book. Finally she said, "The underlying theme of the book is whether you will kiss or won't kiss me."

She was standing directly to my left. I began thinking I would very much like to kiss her, but it was difficult for me to believe she would want to do the same thing. I reached out, put my arms around her and barely touched her lips with mine. Her obvious willingness to kiss me made me feel good. It also seemed obvious that she had thought about it a lot, and that kissing me was indeed what she wanted to do.

I pulled her closer to me and engaged her in a strong kiss. Her being married didn't seem to matter at the moment, partly because the kiss didn't seem to be of a sexual nature. The kiss just seemed to somehow be a fulfilling pleasant kiss. Our lips were both open and felt quite loose, not stiff as might be expected for two people kissing for the first time. What bothered me was that the kiss was so pleasant, it just seemed to absorb me. It was something I could only resist with extreme difficulty.

We suddenly heard someone else coming out of the house and stopped. I looked up and saw Sue's blonde-haired sister (probably 16-17 years old) had walked out of the house. As Sue began talking to her sister, I reached out my hand to the sister and she clasped it with an almost vice-like grip, although her strong grip didn't hurt me in any way. I commented, "Boy, that's a good firm handshake."

The sister seemed pleased by what I had said and she smiled. She didn't seem annoyed that she had found me kissing Sue when she had walked out. We talked for a while and I mentioned that I had a car parked several blocks away which I had rented. Sue said something about my having gotten the car from Hertz and something about my owing Hertz some money. Although it wasn't clear to me exactly what she was saying, I knew Sue knew a lot about me, things which I wasn't even aware she knew. At any rate, I knew I still had enough money to be able to rent a car. I told them both I could come and pick them up if they wanted to go to a movie. I was still thinking about going to the Woody Allen movie.

Yet all the while, for some reason, I was still hesitant about going anywhere with them.

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