Dream of: 08 October 1987 "A Reclusive Family"

My good Dallas friend Eloise LaGrone had told me about a reclusive family living in a large old house in Portsmouth, Ohio. The family apparently consisted of a brother and two sisters. I decided to visit them and with another woman I arrived at a gigantic white mansion. When we reached the front door, a servant answered. When we told the servant the name of the person we wanted to see, the servant seemed surprised, as if the people there never accepted anyone and no one ever saw them.

We stepped into an anteroom; standing behind a large door leading to another room and peeking out from behind it was a beautiful blonde woman. The servant told us the people whom we wanted to see were upstairs and the servant reluctantly let us ascend to the second floor.

We waited in another anteroom until a blond-haired man (probably in his mid 30s) walked out to meet us. He was quite large, about 30 centimeters taller than I. His name was Miles and he was the person we had come to see. We all sat down at a table with Miles at the head and my companion across from me. Miles invited us to eat and he himself began eating. I wasn't very hungry; I ate hardly anything. I felt serene and I seemed to have a smile on my face the whole time.

Miles said something to me and I gathered he wanted me to eat. I looked at him; he was wearing a napkin around his neck. Silverware and a napkin had also been laid out for me. I mumbled something about not even being sure of the proper etiquette there. Nevertheless, I picked up the napkin and put it on my lap; I picked up the silverware, put some food on my plate and began eating. Miles mentioned we were the only people who had ever sat down at that table and eaten with him. Obviously these people were extremely reclusive.

When we had almost finished eating, Miles' sister walked out and sat down behind us. She was a short, black-haired, slightly overweight woman. She asked if we would like to have some coffee and something alcoholic to drink. I said, "I don't want either."

They seemed a bit surprised that I had refused; I explained, "It just doesn't make me feel good when I drink coffee or alcohol."

They seemed satisfied with the response. We all moved into some different chairs so we were sitting across from each other. Miles and his sister were obviously curious about why the woman and I had come to visit them. They asked about it and the sister asked if we were there for an astrological visit. I adamantly answered, "No, I don't believe in astrology."

I also didn't want them to think that I had come as a representative of the Dallas Zen Center and that I was trying to convert them to Zen. I was concerned they might draw that conclusion since both Eloise and I lived in the Dallas Zen Center. Even though Zen had come to permeate my life, I didn't want them to think my visit there concerned Zen.

I explained to them that there were simply not that many interesting people in Portsmouth I had simply come to meet them. Even as I was offering my explanation, however, it occurred to me that actually many interesting people probably lived in Portsmouth I simply hadn't met them. My old classmate Sally Counts crossed my mind, and I thought I would like to visit her if she were around Portsmouth.

While speaking to Miles' sister, I noticed some decayed areas between her teeth, which also appeared to be chipped around the tops. I thought it amazing she would let her teeth deteriorate like that.

While talking, I asked the sister something about who she liked; she responded, "Peter."

I was uncertain to whom she was referring, but thought it might be Peter Lamborghini (a fellow I had met at the Dallas Zen Center in 1987). I thought Lamborghini might have been out to visit them and I asked her about it.

Our conversation turned to Eloise and I said some nice things about Eloise.

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