Dream of: 06 October 1987 "Warrantless Search"

It appeared to me that the possession of marijuana had been legalized by the state government, although I was unsure whether possession of marijuana had been legalized by the federal government. At any rate, I had acquired some marijuana in the form of a long stick which looked like incense. I also had some marijuana in small slender boxes about a third of a meter long.

I had stored the marijuana in a storage shed where a bunch of other junk was pilled up, but I was beginning to become a bit concerned, because even though I thought possession of marijuana had been legalized, I thought the police might still try to arrest me.

Sure enough, some police dressed in suits came to the door of the shed and told me I must come with them. Apparently they were also intending to enter the shed to search it. I protested that they didn't have a search warrant, but they paid little attention to me and they took me away before I saw whether they had found the marijuana.

The police station appeared to be connected to the shed and was in the next room. After I was led to a desk, I began thinking I needed a lawyer. I wanted to know immediately how much my bail was. I was determined to fight against the charge, but I thought I needed to get out of jail on bail first to be able to do so.

It just so happened that a lawyer was standing behind the desk. He was a tall vigorous-looking fellow dressed in a suit. I immediately addressed him and told him I needed help. I told him that I myself was a lawyer. He seemed as if he might be willing to try to help me. He walked around from behind the desk and together we began walking down a hall.

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