Dream of: 04 October 1987 "Investments"

Altizer was telling me he was thinking of returning to The Ohio State University to study pharmacy. I was thinking of returning to Ohio State myself, and I would like to study chemistry. It occurred  to me just how similar the subjects of pharmacy and chemistry were. I had been thinking about studying chemistry for quite a while, and I finally decided that was what I would like to do.


I was in a classroom at Ohio State and a black-haired woman professor (about 30 years old) wearing a dark sweater and a dark skirt walked to the front of the room. She was clearly pregnant, a fact which rather disgusted me, as I thought think about how overpopulated the world already was. Exactly what the world needed more children.

Lying on my desk in front of me was a stack of nice sweaters. The subject of the class apparently dealt with buying and investing in sweaters. The sweater lying on top of the stack on my desk was pale cream-colored with quite a few red designs on it. A price tag was at the top with different prices $35 for a small, $45 for a medium and another price for a large. The tag on the sweater described the material used in the sweater as "sash."

The professor told us to look down at the bottom of the sweater, where I saw the name and address of the company which manufactured the sweater sewn right into the sweater.

Also lying on my desk was a book entitled Investments. The woman was trying to teach us how to invest in sweaters and how to buy them for stores. I figured the subject of investments would come in handy even if I ended up studying chemistry, because I would learn how to invest in chemical concerns.

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