Dream of: 03 October 1987 "Computer Message"

I had been visiting my mother at the 29th Street House and had spent the night sleeping in the basement. When I awoke in the morning, I began doing some work on a personal computer set up in the room, and was surprised to see some messages coming to me over the screen.

The messages said that my sister had told my father and my mother that my sister and I had had some sexual contact when we had been younger. I wasn't particularly disturbed by the fact, since it seemed that I myself had recently told my father and my mother the same thing. However, I would like to know whether my sister   or someone else had told my parents about it.

Since my sister was supposed to be upstairs, I thought I would go up and ask her about it. I was also considering having sex with her and thought if she were willing, I might take her into an upstairs closet and have sex with her where no one could see us. But I was unsure that she was going to be willing to do that.

I headed upstairs and there I was surprised to see Birdie standing in the kitchen. She looked quite young and attractive. She was wearing a white skirt and I immediately put my hand under it and ran my hand up her leg to her crotch. But I felt something hard there, perhaps a kotex, and withdrew my hand.

It was a bit confusing, but I thought perhaps it was Birdie who had typed the messages to me on the computer screen. I started to take her into a room to ask her about it, but then I saw my sister and instead took my sister into another room. My sister sat down and I got ready to start asking her questions.

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