Dream of: 29 September 1987 (3) "Acceptance of Punishment"

I was in a car, trying to escape from someone beating on the car and trying to tear it up. Finally I reached the house of a man whom I know was the owner of the car. The other man was still after me and I jumped out of the car and screamed for help. The owner (whose name was Grady) came out of the house. I fell down and said, "Did you see what they did to your car, Grady?"

Grady got down on the ground in front of me. I reached out my hand and began scratching his head, which was cut in a burr.

He didn't seem concerned about the car. I then realized Grady had been having an affair with the wife of the man who had been beating on the car. Apparently Grady had come to accept that he was going to have to suffer some kind of punishment because of that.

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