Dream of: 29 September 1987 (2) "Feeding Birds"

I was walking along in a park on Twelfth Street in Portsmouth and noticed some large strange-looking birds in front of a house on the other side of the street. I was unsure whether they were ostriches, geese or what. I tried to look at them more closely and finally saw that they each had four legs like a four-legged animal. They had long necks and heads which looked like those of an ostrich, but they also reminded me of geese.

They came over to the park and I was a bit apprehensive that they might try to hurt me. They begin pecking around on the ground, although it appeared as if there was nothing here for them to eat. I walked over to a picnic table and noticed some large kernels of hard yellow corn on the bench, but the birds didn't seem interested in it. I also noticed a large chopping knife which looked like a meat cleaver lying on the table. I picked up a kernel of corn, peeled off the outside skin and then chopped it up into small pieces.

Some of the birds gathered around and I laid the chopped-up pieces of corn onto the bench of the picnic table, but none of the birds seem interested in eating it.

I decided to leave and I considered taking the knife with me, but I hesitated because I realized it was illegal to be carrying the knife because the blade was so long.

Two men dressed like policemen walked up. One was rather young. I wasn't really sure they were actually policemen and I feared they were going to bother me. Suddenly a small boy walked up and stabbed one of the men. Confusion ensued and it was unclear to me exactly what was going on.

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