Dream of: 28 September 1987 (2) "What Not"

I was walking along talking with someone and we came to a stop. I noticed someone had apparently been following us. I left the person with me and I walked back to a bush behind us where I found a man kneeling down behind the bush. He appeared to be nude, at least he clearly was nude from the waist up. I asked him if he had been following us and he admitted he had. I asked him what his name was and he said it is "What Not."

I suddenly saw the man was becoming aggressive toward me and I backed up. In my hand I was carrying a long metal rod and when he came toward me, I threw the rod at him like a spear. The rod went into his chest next to his right shoulder. Obviously injured, he began backing away from me. He stumbled back into a little gully filled with scummy-looking water with green algae on the top and he fell into it. I walked to the edge of the bank, stood at the top and looked down, waiting for him to resurface.

Suddenly the ground on the bank underneath me gave way and I fell down into the water. I went all the way under the water. I hoped the fellow wasn't going to grab me and hold me under.

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