Dream of: 28 September 1987 "Giving Up My Will"

I was sitting at a table in a room where several other people and myself had been practicing hypnotism with each other. My good Dallas friend Eloise LaGrone was sitting directly across from me; suddenly she said she was going to begin hypnotizing me. She began talking to me in a general way; I quickly realized she was practicing a hypnotic technique on me, even though she hadn't gone through the usual relaxation steps first.

I continued talking to her; I didn't feel as if she were succeeding in hypnotizing me, especially since she hadn't first used any relaxation technique. Finally she said, "I'm not doing so good."

Suddenly it occurred to me she might be more successful in hypnotizing me if I myself helped her more and gave myself up more to her. Up to that point I had been slumped back in my chair; I raised myself up straight, pulled my face closer to hers and looked right into her eyes, which seemed strong and focused. I wanted to let her know I was going to participate more in what she was doing by giving my will up to her and letting her hypnotize me. The process would depend as much on my efforts in making it happen as hers. I said to her, "Let's try to establish a closer rapport. I'm going to free myself up and come under your sway."

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