Dream of: 22 September 1987 "Cancun"

I had arrived in Cancun, Mexico. I went through some buildings and finally arrived on the beach. I was all alone and felt a little strange being in Cancun. I knew it was expensive here, but I suddenly thought, "This is Mexico," and realized it was actually cheap in Mexico. All I needed to do was get outside of Cancun.

As I stood on the beach, a couple fellows jumped into the water and swam out a ways. When they had gone out about 30 meters, they stood up in the water, apparently on a coral reef. Watching them was interesting, but I didn't want to go into the water because I was afraid sharks might be out there.

Beyond the two fellows I could see a large sandy island which appeared to have many people on it; I would rather go out there. But I wasn't even sure I could swim as far as the fellows on the reef.


Jon and I were in what appeared to be a hotel room in Cancun. Another younger fellow who was apparently a friend of Jon's was also in the room. It turned out that Jon was married to Louise and she was here with him. I was thinking that the three of us could rent a car and go somewhere else outside of Cancun. Since I didn't have any credit cards, I thought perhaps Jon had a credit card we could use to rent a car. I mentioned that to Jon.

It slowly became clear that I was still interested in Louise, even though Jon was now married to her. And it also seemed to me that Jon might actually want me to be with Louise. Jon walked out of the room and while he was out, I kissed Louise. I also felt her crotch; but it felt as if there might be something lumpy, such as a kotex there. Louise obviously wanted to be with me. She didn't seem that much like herself; but we both obviously wanted to be close to each other.

We stopped and Jon walked back into the room. He walked over to me and we talked briefly. He said he wanted me to be with Louise and he wanted to go looking for a Mexican woman. It all seemed a little strange to me. I didn't know whether he wanted us all to have sex in the same room together, him with the Mexican woman and me with Louise, or what. Somehow the younger fellow with Jon was also going to be involved in all of this, although I wasn't exactly sure how.

I sat contemplating the situation; it occurred to me that I used to be married to Louise myself. I was unsure how long Jon had been married to Louise. I looked at Jon and noticed he looked a bit like Rob Demsky (an acquaintance). I said to him, "Did you start caring about her when I was still married to her?"

He tried to avoid the question, but it was clear to me that he had cared about her before. It didn't particularly bother me; but I would like to get it out into the open just how everyone stood on the subject.

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