Dream of: 21 September 1987 (2) "Descending A Cliff"

I was looking down from the top of a high cliff and finally decided to go down the cliff. The side of the cliff was mostly rock and dirt. As I began heading down, I began to realize how far it was to the bottom and how precipitous the cliff was. It was difficult descending also, because in places the cliff actually cut back into the side, so there were actually overhangs which I tried to negotiate.

I also noticed some furniture sticking out from the side of the cliff. I saw a lamp, some wire and another piece of furniture.

I continued descending until suddenly I began sliding. The slope became more inclined and I safely slid all the way to the bottom. At the bottom, I walked away from the slope and when I looked back at it, it appeared to be some kind of man-made ski slope. It was very tall and high. I even consider going skiing on it myself.

While I was standing here, I encountered Boley (a female Dallas attorney). She was basically indistinct at first, but we began talking and soon were lying next to each other. I rubbed my hand on her neck, which felt very soft. She didn't say anything, and I began caressing her skin. I was unsure whether she was wearing a top. She might have been nude from the waist up, but I couldn't really tell.

She didn't stop my caresses and I realized she was actually enjoying it. I was actually rather surprised. She seemed quite beautiful and I was enjoying being with her.

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