Dream of: 19 September 1987 "Uncomfortable And Fascinated"

My good friend Kim (a woman a few years younger than I whom I first met in Portsmouth in 1977) and I were together. She was wearing a bright, red sweater and was sitting on my lap facing me. We had our arms around each other and began hugging each other tightly, increasing the pressure of our embrace until we were hugging as tightly as we could. It vaguely seemed my mother was sitting behind me to my right observing us.

Kim and I were basically experimenting to see if we could have close physical contact without becoming sexual. I felt close to her holding her, and my sexual feelings weren't pronounced. It felt quite peculiar. Although it was somewhat pleasant, I still felt somewhat uncomfortable.


It was dark now and Kim was lying next to me. I was uncertain, but it seemed she might only be wearing a pair of panties which were pulled down somewhat. When I ran my hand up and down the bare skin of her leg, she didn't resist.


It was light and Kim was lying asleep on the ground in front of me. She seemed to be dreaming and was moving while she lay there. Her hands were clasped down between her legs and she seemed quite contorted. Something about her reminded me of a chicken and I felt uncomfortable and fascinated at the same time watching her lightly move around in her dream world.

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