Dream of: 17 September 1987 "Fighting Japanese"

On a boat I had arrived at a large island. I was with four other companions and we were all soldiers. We were in a state of war with the inhabitants of the island, who were Japanese. I was uncertain what year it was, but I had the feeling it might be at the time of World War II.

We had previously been on this island. At that time there was a cave on the island in which there had been some Japanese, but we thought we had destroyed the Japanese in the cave with some bombs. We now once again reached the cave, which seemed to be near a beach, but now we were concerned that there might be someone inside. We threw some hand grenades into the cave and they exploded. It appeared that if anyone had been in the cave, they would now be dead. We were still uncertain, however, so we slowly approached the entrance to the cave.

Suddenly someone began shooting at us from inside the cave and we all crouched down in the sand. One of my companions crept closer to the cave, looked inside and said there appeared to be a large number of Japanese inside and that it appeared to be a fortification. We decided to retreat.

We began retreating and passed through a city populated by Japanese. We dashed through the streets even though we were dressed in our soldier gear. We were headed back toward our boat and we hoped no one noticed us. We ran through the streets until we reached the beach. We saw our boat and realized we were going to have to swim to it.

Quite a few people were gathered on the beach. We took off our shoes, because it appeared that no one was supposed to wear shoes on the beach. I walked along the beach and I asked myself whether there might be Japanese boats around our boat which would cause us problems. It appeared possible that we might be captured here.

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