Dream of: 16 September 1987 "Bushel Of Corn"

I was on the second floor of the Gay Street House, and I could hear people talking downstairs. They sounded like lawyers who worked in judge Schwille's court. It sounded as if they were talking about someone who had AIDS and they mentioned that Zuckerman (a Dallas attorney) had AIDS. Other people were also mentioned who had AIDS and it appeared that quite a few people around there had the disease. I remembered that I hadn't had a test to see if I had AIDS and the possibility that I might have the disease was quite unsettling.

Finally I walked downstairs and in the middle office I encountered three people (all probably in their 20s) who worked for my father. One was an attractive woman. The other two were men and one was holding the hand of the woman. The man not with the woman sold real estate for my father. But the man holding the woman's hand said he did legal work for soldiers. He reminded me of Mike Estep (a fellow I used to know in Portsmouth).

I reflected that my work was defending criminals and I really wasn't very satisfied that I was doing that type of work. It pleased me even less that I was in Portsmouth and I realized I had made a mistake by returning to Portsmouth.


I was in the barn on the hill behind the Gallia County Farmhouse. My father and my grandmother Mabel were here with me. There was a lot of corn in the barn and I began thinking about gathering some of the corn in bushel sacks. I talked a little with my father about it. It seemed that I had been here when the corn had been growing and I had been responsible for gathering up some of the corn once before. I began looking for a sack and finally found one. There was an old piece of black bread in the sack.

Finally I said, "How much is a bushel of corn worth?"

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