Dream of: 13 September 1987 (2) "Minor Criminal Case"

I was in a courthouse and was surprised to find a man whom I was supposed to have been defending in a criminal case. Somehow I had forgotten about the man, and although his case wasn't a serious one, he had been in jail for three weeks. I remembered that I had recently gone on a fishing trip and that I had begun his case before leaving. He appeared to be a bit angry with me because I hadn't done anything for him.

It was difficult to believe he was still in jail. One problem was that since the case was such a minor one, I was unsure exactly what to do about it. I wasn't accustomed to handling this type of case, but I assured the man that I was going to do something immediately for him.

I left the man and walked into a room which looked like a classroom. The room was full of other lawyers seated at desks. I likewise sit down at a desk. Judge Mike Schwille was seated at a large desk at the front of the class. The people in the class stop talking and Schwille began speaking, but he quickly stopped talking and began singing a country western song. He was very friendly. He began writing something even as he sang.

Two men walked into the room, looked around until they saw me and then walked over to me. It turned out that one of the men had the same kind of case as the man whom I had earlier been helping and he asked me if I could help him fill out some of his papers. I didn't know how he knew that I could do that type of thing, but I told him that I could help him.

Schwille in the meantime had called roll in the class and seemed to be occupied with something else. So I walked outside with the two men.

I ran into Herrera (a Dallas attorney) and said hello to him.

A German Shepherd which belonged to me then walked up and jumped up on my chest with its two front paws. I played a little with the dog and even rolled over on the floor with it. Finally I stood back up and as I again began walking with the two men, I noticed I had gotten some light brown feces on my shirt, apparently when I had been rolling on the ground with the dog. I pointed it out to one of the men and I said I needed to go to the toilet.

I headed for the toilet. I was also trying to decide how much I was going to charge the man for handling his case for him. I knew it wasn't going to require much work. Basically I would just have to fill out a questionnaire about his life. I debated whether I should charge him $100-$150 for the work.

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