Dream of: 13 September 1987 "Noble In Nature"

I was talking to a young woman seated next to me. She received a telephone call, spoke on the phone for a moment, then ran from the room.

A while later she returned and said her daughter (2 years old) had been raped and murdered. The woman seemed to have accepted the matter and there was nothing else to do.

I learned that a man had been in the house with the little girl when the rape and murder had taken place, but that now the man couldn't remember anything. I thought it might be possible for me to hypnotize him so he could remember something.

Another girl (about 15 years old) had been taking care of the child when the child was raped and killed. The other girl had left the child for a few minutes, and when she returned, the child was already dead. The other girl was now standing in front of a judge who was going to determine if she was guilty of negligence in the death of the child.


I was seated in a circle of perhaps 20 people. As we talked, it appeared everyone in the circle had once been sentenced to jail. A man on my left spoke, and said that while he had been in jail, he had been raped 14 times. He also mentioned that he had had two male lovers while he had been in jail.

One woman in the group appeared to be a judge. She was perhaps 35 years old and quite beautiful. I would have liked to have been with her, but that appeared impossible. After all, I was one of the ex convicts, and she was a judge. I knew, however, there was still something noble in my nature.

She finally stood up and walked over to me. She bent down and sat at my feet. She spoke and addressed me as if I were a king. I nodded to her as if I were giving her my blessing. It appeared as if indeed I was more or less a king, and as if she recognized that fact. I was uncertain of what powers I had, but I knew that I did have some powers and that I needed to use them.

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