Dream of: 02 September 1987 "More Than Pure Chance"

I was traveling in a train in the north of Europe, perhaps in France or Germany. Many people were on the train, many in small compartments which apparently contained beds and which were lined along both sides of the central aisle of the car. I knew larger compartments could be rented for the night, and I was thinking of doing so, because I would like to sleep peacefully for a few hours while I was traveling on the train.

I thought about where I was going and wondered whether I should buy a Eurorail pass so I could ride the train for three months. I would probably be going to Spain and traveling there for several weeks. That idea seemed particularly beautiful to me. Wanting to travel all over Spain, I thought about the beauty of the country. Since I was thinking about traveling so much, I believed it might be better to buy the Eurorail pass instead of individual tickets.


I was still in Europe; I had arrived at a university where I had decided to take a class in law. Thousands of students appeared to be here. A professor (about 40 years old) began to teach. The lecture concerned the necessity of "taking your work home with you." The lecture appeared to be a bit facile and boring to me. Apparently the class was simply a review-class of law. Most students weren't even taking notes and they appeared to be distracted.

Gradually the professor drew close to me. I was standing up and finally I decided to do some exercises by standing upside down on my hands. It was difficult, but I did it. The professor glanced at me, but he didn't say anything. Finally he began walking toward another area and the crowd of students followed him.


I stood back up on my feet and noticed my good Dallas friend Eloise LaGrone close to me. In fact, I remembered seeing her earlier near there, and I had been quite close to her. Now here she was again near me. I didn't say anything to her; I was a bit embarrassed because I didn't want her to think I was following her. She followed the crowd and I stayed where I was.

I had a piece of brown marble which I was using when I was standing on my hands. I thought about taking the marble with me, but decided to simply leave it here on the ground.

Then I noticed a nearby clothing store. I walked over to the store and looked at some pants, but they didn't interest me much. A man standing up on the balcony of the second floor of the store said that we were in Texas and that there were certain laws which prohibited transporting pants to other cities in Texas without paying a tariff. That surprised me a little; I asked him a little more about it.


I was talking to someone and explaining the situation when I had seen Eloise. I explained that I hadn't known anyone else except Eloise there, and that being so close to her had felt strange, especially since I hadn't done it on purpose. I said thousands of people had been there. I knew I hadn't searched out Eloise on purpose, but I had to admit finding her like that appeared to be a little more than pure chance.

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