Dream of: 22 August 1987 (3) "Upside Down"

I was looking over a one page dream which I had written. The dream was divided into two parts of about equal length and although the two parts interrelated, they appeared to be two different scenes. The dream was quite a mystery to me and after I had written it, I had been unable to decipher any meaning from it and I wasn't all that interested in doing so right at the moment.

However someone else with me seemed to want to know what the dream meant and seemed dubious that I could actually figure it out. I quickly explained that I could indeed interpret the meaning if I would simply take a little time to do so, and almost just to show the person I could, I began perusing the dream again.

The dream seemed to have a number of salient aspects which struck me. I noticed one reference to a starry sky. I began to focus on something in the second part of the dream, in at least part of which I was dressed in a football uniform, was wearing a football helmet and seemed to be quite young and engaged in a game of football. I pointed out that there had also been a reference in the first part of the dream to my being young and maybe also engaged in some sport.

I quickly told the person with me the dream had something to do with a developmental period of my life, probably about the same time I had played on a football team when I had been about 10 years old. I thought one of the central issues involved here was competition. I was uncertain what the message concerning competition was, but I felt sure the dream wanted to tell me something about my competitive nature which I needed to examine more closely.

My attention was drawn again to the fact that I had been wearing a helmet in the second part of the dream. I had even drawn a picture of myself on the page with the dream showing me wearing a helmet. The helmet seemed quite significant, although I wasn't yet really sure why.


The fellow with me seemed to have disappeared. I was lying on a sleeping bag in some grass behind a house, still going over the dream. I knew I needed to go into the house, because my father and my mother were there, and they were getting ready to leave.

I walked in. The house reminded me a little of both the Gallia County Farmhouse and the House in Patriot. It seemed some of my other relatives had also been there earlier, but they had already left.

I showed the dream to my father and my mother. They didn't seem to have much to say about it, although my father did think it was interesting that I had been dreaming about football. It seemed to me he might even have had something to do with my dreaming about football and I thought I needed to delve a little deeper into that possibility.


I had left the house and gone to a large two story, white, frame house next door, where I had been receiving my mail. It was very early in the morning, perhaps 6 a.m., and since I had checked my mail yesterday, I didn't really expect anything new, but I still wanted to check. It almost seemed as if I were expecting a letter which would have something to do with the dream I had been trying to understand.

My good friend Eloise lived in the house and she received her mail in the same place I did. I didn't want to look for my mail in the mailbox in front of the house where we usually received our mail. Instead, I walked around to the side of the house to a side porch. I quietly walked along the porch because I didn't want to wake Eloise.

At the end of the porch was a place where just the day before a large window air conditioning unit had been removed from a window. Before it had been removed, the air conditioner had been resting on a sort of banister along the porch. On the banister was a wooden box (painted gray) attached to the banister. The box wasn't large, about as long as an envelope and perhaps five or six centimeters wide. I thought it was possible the mailman had begun leaving the mail in the box and I quietly opened the top. It was empty. I quietly closed the lid and began tip-toeing back off the porch.

Through one of the windows on the porch, however, I noticed a slight movement inside, and the door to the porch suddenly opened. Eloise, already fully dressed, was standing in the doorway looking at me inquiringly. And behind her appeared her friend Karen. They both seemed quite cheery and had broad smiles on their faces.

I quickly mumbled my reasons for being there and I sat down on the banister. I mentioned to Karen that Eloise had told me that Karen was leaving town and I told her I was glad I had the chance to now say good-bye to her before she left. As I talked, I bent back over the banister so my leg and foot were wrapped around and holding onto something as I hung suspended upside down in the air. Talking to them from this position seemed quite normal and comfortable for me. 

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