Dream of: 22 August 1987 "Royal Society"

I was lying on a bed with Sussie. I might have had sex with her, but that was hazy and unclear. But the possibility was very real. I felt just a little uneasy about it and not really close to Sussie. Finally Sussie said she was going to get up and go into the next room. I had no objection.


I was sitting in the bed. It appeared that a hall ran along the left side of this room and on the other side of the hall was another room. The walls of both this and the other room were made of glass so the interior of the other room was visible.

It looked as if two young men were in that room. A dark-haired woman probably in her mid 20s walked into the other room. Their voices were audible and the men handed the woman some money. She indicated she wasn't going to have either intercourse or oral sex with them and she described both forms of sex with two different words, each ending in "-o." She then said she was only going to engage in "brain-o" with them.

She sat sits down and it appeared the men began taking off their clothes. It seemed fairly clear what was going on: this establishment was apparently some kind of brothel. The woman with the men wasn't actually going to engage in sex with them, but she was going to talk with them and be with them apparently while they sat in the room and masturbated in front of her.


At the foot of the bed in this room was another glass wall and on the other side of it was another room with more people in it. It looked as if maybe two or three women and a couple men were in the room. Some looked as if  like they had already taken off their clothes and some seemed to still be partially dressed.

One sandy-blonde-haired girl probably in her late teens was sitting on a couch next to a man who had one of his arms around her. In fact there might have been two men with their arms around her. It looked as if she had just taken off her bra and her breasts were clearly visible. She was extremely beautiful and captivating.

I was becoming quite aroused. I was sitting up in the bed trying to focus on what was going on in the next room. I was trying to see the girl's breasts. It seemed as if the men in the room across the hall had been trying to look in this room when Sussie had been here earlier. I was now in the same position they had been in earlier. I was trying to see someone else. I missed Sussie's being here.

The activities in the room at the foot of the bed came into clearer focus and almost seemed to be on a large television screen.


I was thinking about Sussie again. It would be nice to be with her again. I called out a woman's name. But another man also called out the same name and a woman who wasn't Sussie answered from a room somewhere in the building.

I called again, "Sussie."

She answered.

I wanted to go into the room where she was and be with her. I said something like, "Can I come into your room."

She said yes.


I was standing beside the bed in the room where Sussie was. She was in the bed all rolled up in some blankets and wasn't visible. I was so glad to be in there again with her. It would be so nice lying next to her nude body. The image of her was very cheerful and comforting. I just wanted to be next to her.

The bed had a spread on it, but under the spread were simply some black metal springs and no mattress. It might be a bit uncomfortable, but it would just have to do.

I started climbing in the bed, but what was this? Some writing which Sussie has obviously been doing. I read it. It was interesting. She appeared to have been writing about a French king named Philip. I was difficult to tell exactly when he had lived. An image formed of Philip's large castle-like home. Apparently he had lived to a very old age. The last lines of the writing read, "Philip was about a hundred years old. For the last ninety years he had been regent for the royal society of almost three hundred people. It wasn't a 'society' in the normal sense of the word."

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