Dream of: 09 August 1987 (2) "Help In The Zendo"

prepare to meditate 

I woke up on Sunday morning in my Apartment on the second floor of the Dallas Zen Center. I had overslept and felt groggy. I knew meditation was supposed to start downstairs in the zendo at 9 a.m., but it looked as if it was already too late for me to go downstairs because it was already around 9 a.m. Nevertheless, I  stood up, walked into the front room and looked out the window to see if any cars were parked across the street. It looked as if only one old orange car was there. Walking across the street toward the Zen Center was a fellow whom I had recently seen at meditation. It looked as if he were the only person here this morning. Should I go down? I decided to just go back to bed.

After I had lain back down and had become comfortable, someone knocked at the outside door of my bedroom. The door opened and some people began walking into my bedroom while I was still lying on my bed. A long line of perhaps 25 men and women (most probably in their late 20s and early 30s) marched into the room. Someone told me that they were new people who had never meditated in the Zen Center before and that they were there to try to meditate. I looked at my watch and saw that it was 9:15. Since no one else was there to introduce these new people, it looked as if were going to be up to me.

Some of them walked into the kitchen and living room of my Apartment. Others just hung around there in my bedroom. Finally, I told them that I was going to get up and that it should take me about ten minutes to get ready.

Completely nude under the covers, I asked one of them to hand me a pair of beige dress slacks which I thought were lying in the kitchen, but the person I had asked couldn't seem to find the slacks. Finally deciding to get up myself, I wrapped my blankets around me and went to look for some clothes. I walked from my bedroom into the kitchen and then into the front room.

My mother was also there. Seemingly concerned about helping me get ready, she followed me around. I felt glad that she was there.

The people were milling about all over. The living room was furnished with a couch and chairs and people were sitting on them. One older woman had picked up a couple of my dirty plates which I had left in the living room and apparently she was going to wash them. I noticed a box with some pizza in it and I concluded she was planning to warm up the pizza in the oven. I asked her about it and she said that that was what she was going to do. I told her to make herself at home.

Surprised to see so many people there, I asked one woman where the people had come from and she simply said, "West."

Still looking for my beige dress slacks, I finally spotted them. I then realized, however, that  those pants weren't really appropriate for meditating and I decided that I needed a pair of my more casual pants. Fortunately I had just washed my clothes the day before and I thought I should have something clean. I would probably put on a pair of my black pants.

When I noticed that some people had young children with them, I wondered what should be done with the children during meditation?

I was mostly concerned because there were so many people there and I was all alone. Suddenly it occurred to me that I could call my friend Eloise (whom I had met in the Zen Center in 1987) and ask her to come and help. I vaguely remembered Eloise having told me that she wouldn't be able to come today, but since this was an emergency, I figured she might be able to lend a hand. I walked back into my bedroom and picked up the phone.

I dialed the first three numbers and even before the phone rang, I heard Eloise's voice on the other end. It sounded as if she were talking with someone. I spoke, but she couldn't hear me. Frustrated, I thought perhaps I could push the redial button. I did so and almost immediately I heard Eloise's voice on the other end.

I mentioned to Eloise that I had had some trouble reaching her and that even now I had a rather bad connection. She asked me if the gray cat in my room was near the phone when I had tried to call her. Indeed a gray cat was in my bedroom. Eloise seemed to think static electricity from the cat might have caused some problem with the line.

I was still having some problem hearing her, probably because some children in the room were making noise. I told Eloise some children were there.

I began explaining to her why I had called. I told her that probably 25 people were in my Apartment and that they wanted to meditate this morning. It suddenly occurred to me that the zendo only had room for 14 people. I told Eloise that I needed some help and that I hoped she could come over and assist me. She said, "I'll be glad to do whatever you want."

I said, "Well come on over then."

I hung up the phone and felt relieved that she was coming.

Dream Commentary of February 17, 2015

Communication through dreams on the Dream Journal can be work. Like meditation, dream-communication between dream-journalists requires concentration. Dreamers who learn to communicate with each other through their dreams might sharpen their instincts and thereby learn to better sense the Source of their dreams. In other words, communicating in-dream with other dream-journalists may help to better comprehend that mysterious Source and enhance actual communication with the Source.

For it seems that if God is to be found anywhere, he may be playing in the playroom of the unconscious mind.

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