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Dream of: 09 August 1987 "AIDS Test"

I was in what appeared to be a doctor's office and had been visiting my mother who was in the next room. Slowly and painfully it had become clear to me that my mother had been given a test for AIDS and that the results had been positive. She had the disease. I was in a state of shock. I walked back into the room where my mother was and saw her sitting on a table. Apparently the disease had affected her mind and had basically driven her insane. Her hands were handcuffed to her sides to the table. Occasionally she moaned and screamed and when I approached her she seemed not to recognize me.

I was extremely upset by the sight of her being in such a state and by knowing she would die. And it was particularly upsetting that she didn't recognize me so I could console her in some way.

My sister had come into the room and had sat down next to my mother. My mother seemed to recognize my sister somewhat and let my sister get next to her and caress her some. At least my mother seemed to have calmed down some and wasn't screaming now. But the sight of her sitting there in chains like that, doomed to die, was extremely disturbing.

But I had another concern, because I realized that I had had sex with my mother before and that now there was a chance that I likewise had AIDS. A black-haired doctor who resembled judge Moss (a Dallas judge) walked into the room and I talked with him. I decided to take an AIDS test and I sat down on a table. The doctor pulled out a little type of pin, grabbed my left index finger and quickly stuck the pin in it. But he was holding the finger so tightly that I didn't feel any pain. I watched as a drop of red blood formed on the tip of my finger. I noticed how careful the doctor was to not touch any of the blood himself.

I asked the doctor how long it would be before I had the results of the test and he said it would probably be 10 days. In the meantime he told me I would have to stay here. I protested that I didn't want to wait 10 days. I wanted to know immediately and I didn't understand why they were making me suffer so long waiting.

Another fellow walked in to have an AIDS test. Apparently there was going to be a regular flow of people through here having tests.

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